A Holiday For White People, How About That?

But that would be ‘racist’ – or what say you?

Ariz. Lawmaker Suggests a Holiday for White People

“assure me that when we do become in the minority you’ll have a day for us.”  Read More »

American Victims of Palli Terror Seek Extradition & Justice

…not one Palestinian Arab involved in terror against Americans has been extradited or even indicted…  Read More »

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White Atrocity Month

I cannot find a picture sufficient horrible to express the White Atrocity that is slavery. After the ghost written Lynching essays that are the first choice of results free kiddies seeking an easy A for their bootleg essay dollar, comes the White Atrocity of slavery. If you have not had your nose dragged through the white guilt on this topic, well, you must be a racist.

Aftermath: Seeking justice and reparations, xillions of sort of kinda freed slaves now seek out forty acres and a mule a year, even as they demand eighty acres and a real doll a year. Of course, the white guilt industry has spawned this genre of arts and entertainment: Mitchieville video

One thought on “A Holiday For White People, How About That?”

  1. The idea of a holiday for white people is racist. All white people are racists. The straight men are all rapists and serial killers, anyway. Not too long ago, the feminists were saying that single parent families (the baby momma sector) was the way to go; unfortunately the crime stats out of No Dad City put the kibosh to that theory (for now, I suspect, pending a funding increase for support services for No Dad City) . After all, every holiday featuring some whitey is racist in itself.

    White guilt: get your mouth around the concept and slurp down a fresh wad from the testicles of the activists.

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