"Baby's in Incubators": Syrian Muslim Brothers Appeal to the Bleeding Hearts


As fighting between the Syrian army and anti-government protesters intensifies, so has the information war.    Al Jizz covers the lot

Same old, same old. Remember the dying babies in incubators? The world was outraged. Turned out it was all lies and propaganda.

Thanks to Chinese and Russian threats the U.S. and the ‘coalition of the willing’ is not  wasting men, money and materiel to overthrow Syria’s dictator Assad.  The outcome would inevitably be the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in  that country and genocide against the Christians and the ruling Alawites.  The BS propaganda is eerily similar to that when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait: the stories of babies dying in incubators brought about a full scale US invasion. Later on these stories could never be verified, but since it worked so well in Kuwait, why not try it again in Syria?

Here we go again:

A few updates:

Arab bloc to request Syria peacekeeping force

“We need help. They have not given us anything!” –funny how we are always expected to help them and blamed when things don’t turn out the way they like it…..?!

Arab League goes to UN as Homs siege continues

Arab League ministers agree to ask United Nations for joint force and special Arab envoy as crackdown on Homs continues.

Unfortunately, all they need to do is look all around them, to Iraq, where the Christian population has been decimated, and to Egypt, where many who can flee are also doing so. There is every reason to believe that Syria’s case would follow the same pattern. “Syrian Christians Fear Genocide if al-Assad Falls to Muslim Extremists,” by Bruce Walker for the New American, February 10 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

State of Fear in Syria (Patheos)

An interesting historical sketch of the Christian people in Syria, who face the same sort of extinction in their native land as their co-religionists in other parts of the Middle East.

Al-Qaeda’s former second banana backs Syrian rebels; jihadists, weapons flowing over border from Iraq

The aim of jihad in all of its forms is the imposition of Islamic law, and Zawahiri knows that the success of the Syrian rebels will not bring about a Western-style liberal democracy in Damascus, but an Islamic regime controlled by Sunnis. “Al Qaeda leader backs Syrian revolt against Assad,” by Martina Fuchs for Reuters, February 12:

More: “Jihadists, weapons ‘moving from Iraq to Syria’,” by Ammar Karim and Sammy Ketz for Agence France-Presse, February 11

Jihadist forums say fighters going to Syria

Sunday, Feb 12, 2012

BAGHDAD – Jihadist forums say that Muslim volunteers are travelling to Syria from a string of Arab countries to fight against President Bashar al-Assad’s secular regime, which is battling an 11-month uprising.    Story at AsiaOne thanks to Mullah

‘We know who is shelling Homs’: Anger of U.S. Ambassador at Syria’s attacks on civilians as he posts aerial image of bombardments of Facebook

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