Beck was right all along….

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The Caliphate is Coming,  The Obamedia Keeps Deceiving America and Islam  Will Replace the Constitution.

(If we let it happen…)

He was called “paranoid” and “conspiratorial” when he spent the last six months of his Fox News-hosted broadcast warning the nation about the ramifications of a pending global Islamic caliphate. He was incessantly mocked for informing Americans about the importance of emergency preparedness. Still, Glenn Beck felt it imperative to lay bare the dangers that lie ahead and said he’d “rather be called a kook and be alive” than bury his head in the sand “and be dead.”

During Thursday’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn reviewed the past year and explained why he predicted the rise of a global caliphate accelerated by the onset of the Arab Spring — a prediction, Glenn reminds, that was “ruthlessly mocked.”

Those who want to restore an Islamic caliphate “are succeeding” as, according to Glenn, the mainstream media along with the Obama administration are dubbing them “moderate Islamists.”

“The media has become a danger to mankind,” Glenn said pointedly as he played clips of the many atrocities carried out by members of this “moderate community” that the media has failed to report on. We will suffer the “consequences of their arrogance and stupidity,” he added.

What happens to those who live under extreme Islamic rule? If you live an alternative lifestyle — in other words, you are a homosexual, or have committed adultery, or perhaps only engaged in premarital sexual relations –”you’re dead,” Glenn stated.

“That’s not hyperbole!”

Glenn reminded viewers of a horrific incident in Saudi Arabia where 15 young school girls were made to perish in a burning building as the country’s religious police barred them from leaving the inferno. The reason these innocent children were not permitted to leave a burning building? They were not wearing their Islamic head scarves.

If you’re Jewish or Christian, “you’re dead,” or, if you’re thought to be a Jewish reporter — as was the case with CBS correspondent Lara Logan  – “they rape you” and if people aren’t around to stop it, “you’re dead!”

Glenn also made note of CNN‘s absurdity in blurring out the images of Logan’s rapists when the network aired a report about the incident, thus protecting the identity of the reporter’s assailants.

Glenn takes us on a tour of the Middle East and Arab Spring and warns: ”If I’m wrong, we bought extra food. If they’re [media/administration] wrong, we die.”

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