France: "working like a negro is racist"

Oh the Irony!

Diana West: The French states totalitarian effort to create the New Man. Read More »

So this Mo*%#er is not racist?

Samuel L. Jackson: ‘I Voted for Obama Because He Was Black’

“(His) message didn’t mean sh-t to me.”

Remember: blacks can’t be racist. But there’s always another day to stick it to whitey…..

Tintin not racist

A BELGIAN court has refused to ban the sale of “Tintin in the Congo”, rejecting claims of racist stereotypes.

 At least the Schlong’s got it all worked out:

Al Sharpton:

‘You Cannot Have Rights Voted On’ – It’s ‘Tyranny By The Majority’

Breitbart Warns MSNBC: ‘We’re Watching You to Play the Race Card’  – Read More

One thought on “France: "working like a negro is racist"”

  1. “working like a negro is racist”

    “Act like a man” is sexist?
    what is “Treats him like a dog”?

    Actually, it shows that we are aware that, back when the darkness of the shade of brown of your skin was more important than today, some people worked harder than others.

    My skin is a lighter shade of brown, does that make me lazy?

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