Islamo-Putsch in the Maldives

I guess the ruling mob was not Islamic enough.

Sky News reports:

Maldives president to respect democracy

A democratic putsch?  Why not. Its all possible.  Under Islam, of course:

The Maldives’ new president Mohamed Waheed has told a US official that he will respect democracy in the archipelago after his predecessor resigned following protests, the State Department says.


The Maldives’ first elected president, Mohamed Nasheed, resigned today after a coup  by police. Nasheed has been under pressure for some weeks, largely by Islamic hard liners, who have been demonstrating against the Democratic Party Government, and for the implementation of sharia as state law.

The opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party also accused Nasheed of being under the influence of Jews and Christians, partly because the Transport Ministry recently allowed direct flights to and from Israel.