Jim Moran, Racist Pig

Jim Moran, Racist Pig  

Michelle Malkin

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) went on MSNBC’s “dog whistle” expert Martin Bashir’s show and unleashed an assault of freshman Rep. Allen West (D-FL) that focused exclusively on the unrelated subject of Congressman West’s African American heritage. Not only does he refer to the black congressman in terms of the African animal, the hyena, he ties the animal to its depiction in the “Lion King”. Both the movie and the play portrayed the hyenas as “jive-talking” (NPR) “gangstas” (Newsweek). If that wasn’t enough, Moran doubled and tripled down on his racist tirade – even challenging the black congressman’s black authenticity.

Allen West  “not representative of the African-American community.”

Rep. Jim Moran Calls Allen West a Hyena

Any criticism of a black Democrat will draw shrieks of RACIST!!! from liberals. The tactic is so effective at silencing opponents, even countermoonbats might be tempted to give it a try. It can be applied quite easily to odious hard left congresscritter Jim Moran (D-VA):

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Appointing as Attorney General the pro-terrorist, anti-Caucasian commie radical Eric “the Ferret” Holder was a stick poked in America’s eye — or maybe it was a boomerang hurled at America’s head, that is now coming around to whack the community organizer who threw it. The longer Holder stays on the job, the more of a millstone he is around Obama’s neck: (Moonbattery)