Poland Caves to Islam, Bans Staff From Wearing the Christian Cross

Reminds me of the Muslim-friendly Bibles that are already circulating in Muslim-majority nations such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“Cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messenger and his Holy Spirit.”

No wonder Muslims have no respect.

Conservative MPs in Poland have complained to the national airline LOT that banning staff wearing the Roman Catholic cross on flights is “discriminatory” and “unconstitutional”.

From 1 March, LOT flight attendants will not be allowed to display religious symbols at work. (Source)

Not so fast:

News Flash: Polish Airline LOT Withdraws Its Ban of Wearing Religious Symbols

 “… the company, in its role as employer, has decided that the regulation around which the controversy is centred will be withdrawn from the instructions, which come into force on 1st March this year.”