President "Islam-is-part-of-Germany" Wulff throws the towel

German president quits over corruption scandal

Wulff plays the victim, of course:

“The reports have deeply hurt me and my wife…”   (what he’s really trying to say is that the truth hurts and that he regrets having been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.)

In the end, all of these cocksuckers will get caught.

Christian Wulff announces resignation amid allegations that he received financial favours before becoming head of state.  Al Jizz ignores that Wulff couldn’t let it go without  praising multiculti  (Islam)  and a warning about the imaginary “danger from right wing extremists”

The next president of Germany may as well be a Turk…..

10 thoughts on “President "Islam-is-part-of-Germany" Wulff throws the towel”

  1. Good Riddance, any German leader who thinks and says that Islam is part of Germany in view of this totalitarian regime’s murderous plans (publicly repeated again and again) for Israel and the Jewish people makes me ashamed to be a German. He will fit in well as a oriental carpet salesman.

  2. Going by some of his comments, Wulff is a POS quite willing to sell out Germany to the Muslims infesting that wunderbar country.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish !

  3. Another Dimwit thrown into the ash heap of history and he can choked on his Halal food.

  4. Couldn’t happen to a better dhimmi! Sadly it is only the tip of the dhimwit iceberg plowing through Europe.

  5. But he is right Islam is a part of Germany in fact Der Fuhrer allied himself with the Mufti of Jerusalem and he helped him raise two Muslim SS Divisions in Bosnia who even the SS thought were too barbaric and he also advised Hitler on how best to kill Jews. After the War Germany also imported thousands of Turkish Muslim ‘Gast Arbeiters’ . Both the Germans and the Turks forgot that GUESTS should eventually return to their own homes and so Germany is left with hundreds of thousands of Muslim “Guests’ sixty years down the line. So is Islam a ‘part of Germany’ it certainly is its just not a GOOD part of Germany.

    1. Good point!

      Islam is was indeed part of Nazi Germany.

      And yes, after the War Germany imported thousands of Turkish Muslim ‘Gast Arbeiters’– but many more were not imported, they came on their own and they never had any intention to return home.

      But no, Turks did not help rebuild Germany after the war, they arrived in the sixties, in the time of the ‘Wirtschaftswunder’, when Germany was already rebuild. But like with all things Islamic, Muselmaniacs are claiming credit for what is not theirs to claim.

      And so Germany is left with hundreds of thousands 3 million Muslim “Guests’ sixty years down the line.

      Yes indeed, Islam has become a festering boil on Germany’s fat arse.

      In that sense, yes: Islam is truly a part of Germany!

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