The Real KRudd

Swearing KRudd video posted on YouTube under the title Happy Little Vegemite



Maybe nobody at all leaked the video:

JULIA Gillard has insisted her staff had no access to the video on YouTube showing an angry Kevin Rudd swearing, but supporters of the Foreign Minister say the material was left behind on a computer in the prime minister’s office when he was deposed.

Andrew Bolt has more…

The expletive-laden outburst in the outtakes of a taxpayer-funded video have emerged as an internet sensation after it was posted on YouTube under the title “Kevin Rudd is a happy little vegemite”.

As the Prime Minister’s backers declared war on the Foreign Minister’s fitness for office, the video was causing a sensation on the social networking site Twitter.

The video, which is not dated, clearly shows an exasperated Mr Rudd swearing as he repeatedly fluffs his lines

“Mate, this is just impossible. I get the very end. You can tell these d…heads in the embassy to just give me simple sentences. I’ve said this before,” Mr Rudd says.

“Tell that bloody interpreter. This f…ing language just complicates it so much, you know. How can anyone do this. It’s just..

“Tell em to cancel this meeting at 6pm …I don’t have the patience to deal with. The f…ing Chinese interpreter. Just f…ing hopeless,” he says.

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Mr Crean said that sacking Mr Rudd was ‘‘an option’’ …

Go on. Make his day.


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  1. The man who gave the world “Programmatic Specificity” wants simple sentences from the embassy? LOL

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