Turkey Turning Nasty

Just goes to show that unilateral measures from one EU country  (in this case France)  have little chance of success. The EUro dhimmies have to tell Turkey  that all 5 million Turks who settled behind enemy lines will be evicted at once if Erdogan doesn’t stop the saber rattling.

“Turkey Bans France From Using Its Airspace and Territorial Waters”

French state aircraft and warships are no longer using Turkish airspace and territorial waters after permission requests in three different cases were rejected by the Turkish government, France’s top diplomat in Ankara said, amid the ongoing spat over the French bill penalizing the Armenian Genocide denial.   Turkey bans French state aircraft, ships (JW)

If Armenian ‘genocide’ proven, Turkey will apologize, says Bağış

Turkey’s Minister for European Affairs and chief EU negotiator Egemen Bağış on Saturday said if claims that the 1915 deportation of Anatolian Armenians constituted “genocide” could be historically and scientifically substantiated, Turkey would apologize for it.

There is never any proof. There is no genocide in Darfur either. In fact, “It’s Not Possible for a Muslim to Commit Genocide…”   We don’t know whether bin Laden did 9/11  and blah blah….


Turkish think-tank recommends Turkey as model for “Arab Spring” revolutions

Below is a credulous article summarizing the group’s “findings.” Western support of the “Arab Spring” has depended a great deal on wishful thinking, and continues the previous administration’s pattern of repeated attempts to prop up a “moderate” Islamic regime to serve as a model for the Muslim world. It keeps not working, because policymakers keep underestimating or denying the actual substance of Sharia law is it is practiced in Muslim societies, and not what it could, would, or should be according to apologists or academic exercises.

Another common tactic is to credit developments that happen in spite of Islamic law as occuring because of it. A prominent example is the existence of Turkey for some time as a modern, secular state, which was possible because a competing ideology kept Sharia in check, as was the case to some extent via Indonesia’s Pancasila principles. In both cases, the resurgence of interest in Islamic rule has led to the erosion of tolerance and free speech by increasingly aggressive Islamic groups.

Turkey’s “moderate Islamist democracy,” as it is described below, is not a static entity, but has been undergoing a slow-motion revolution of its own, and that process is not leading toward “moderation.” Nor will it in Egypt, Libya, or Tunisia. “Turkey ‘a useful model for new Arab regimes’,” by Michel Sailhan for Agence France-Presse, February 5: