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Baltimore grad held at Gitmo charged in jihad plot

Posted on February 16, 2012 by creeping

via Pentagon charges former US resident in terror plot – College Times

MIAMI — The Pentagon announced Tuesday it had charged a suburban Baltimore high school graduate now at Guantanamo with conspiring to commit terror attacks on U.S. soil and serving as an al-Qaida courier after the 9/11 attacks.

Revealed: Money Is Unnecessary

Quit your job. Throw away your wallet. We don’t need money. Other animals don’t use it, and we shouldn’t be any different. Who says Occupy types don’t know what they want? They spell it right out: for civilization to collapse, and to live like animals. (Moonbattery)

“Nigerian budgie smuggler gets life in prison for trying to blow up jetliner on Christmas 2009,”

Underwear jihadist gets life of prison dawah (JW)

“FBI Purges Hundreds of Terrorism Documents in Islamophobia Probe,”

Willie Clitman (the despicable Klintoons)

In Michigan (a drug addled)  education official testified that educators, not parents, know what‘s best for children’s education.

A pro-charter school organization posted video of those remarks. Michigan’s public affairs channel objected to its footage for “political purposes” and had the charter school organization take it down.

Catholics Chilled

Top U.S. Catholic bishop Dolan:

Obama says he’s not anti-religious, but he’s getting harder to believe

“I want to take him at his word,” Dolan said in Rome, where he will be made a cardinal Saturday. But he stressed: “I do have to say it’s getting harder and harder,” (FOX)

Well I guess Catholics should have never believed the bastard in the first place…..

We Are All Catholics Now

In light of the despotic outrages inflicted against religious liberty by ObamaCare, we are all Catholics now.

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz:

“Most Transparent Administration Ever”
The RNC released this infographic today showing that billions in taxpayer dollars were were given to firms with close ties to the Obama Administration. (GWP)

Even  Bill O’Reilly smells the coffee:

Did he finally figure out that Obama is in fact a ….Socialist?