Obamster "not happy" Azerbaijan allows Israel to use its air bases

Its not about the Obamster being happy. I could care less. Its about the existence of Israel, and Hussein Obama is in the Arab-Muslim camp.

Report: Azerbaijan allows Israel to use its air bases near Iran border, U.S. “not happy about it”

If this story is true, and it may not be, it would not be surprising. It would be in line with everything else Obama has said and done to demonstrate his opposition to Israel doing much of anything to defend itself against the global jihad. “‘Azerbaijan allows Israel to use its air bases near Iran border,'” from Israel Hayom, March 29 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

Muslims in Toulouse after jihad massacre: "We’re the victims in the story"

The grievance theater is well rehearsed.

“After Killings in France, Muslims Fear a Culture of Diversity Is at Risk,“– too funny that there is no ‘culture of diversity’ anywhere in Islamistan. Where the soldiers of allah have the upper hand, the diversity goes down the gurgler: Muslim in Toulouse after jihad massacre: “We’re the victims in the story”

They are laughing at us. They think we’re stoopid:

As Muslims in Toulouse claim victim status by whining about backlash, Mohamed Merah’s father is going them one better, having the gall to claim that his son was murdered:

“Mr Merah thinks that his son was murdered”: Father of Toulouse Jew-killing jihadist makes good on threats to sue police, hires lawyer

It gets worse:

Marine Le Pen claimed Mr Sarkozy was guilty of “undignified capitulation” to Algerian authorities.  Mr Sarkozy yesterday denounced a threat by Mr Merah’s father to sue the French state for killing rather than capturing his son as “disgraceful and indecent”.

It’s wrong to make victim of child killer

Paul Sheehan @ the Age
Even after it was revealed that the killer was a Muslim who supported al-Qaeda, progressives went into overdrive to dissociate the violence from Islam.

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What a billion Islamic headbangers really want…

…and what John Esposito will never talk about:

 Execution, Crucifixion, and the Amputation of Opposite Hands and Feet  (MEMRI TV)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Yaaqub, which aired on Al-Nas TV on March 16, 2012, transcript below the fold:

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Tunisia: "Female genital mutilation is not only imposed by the Koran, but are longed for because they are cosmetic surgery operations"

Getting there. With lightning speed. I don’t know which koran these headbangers are reading, but it seems to be one they never talk about when they ‘invite’ western dhimmies to embrace Islam. Its hardly a coincidence that Indonesia has just banned mini skirts and  classified them as  “porn”- because “men won’t be able to control themselves”

Tunisia: crossroads of fanatical preachers and jihadists

  • Fall of Ben Ali opened the doors to Islamic extremism

(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, March 28 – For more than twenty years the gates of secular Tunisia defended by Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were shut to those who wanted to make a banner of Islam. But the fall of the dictator and, above all the emergence of the religious Ennahdha party as the largest force in the country, has upset everything and as a consequence it has become more obvious that Tunisia has become a place of welcome for all: fanatical preachers, inciters of violence in the name of Allah, jihadists, and supporters of female genital mutilation.

Curiously, western dimbulbs seem to have no inbuilt defense mechanisms against Islamic demands and cave in faster than Koranimals can make them. Perhaps Australia’s ex-miss Universe aspirant come Islam promoter miss  Rachel Finch should be the first to get her clit removed.

The Olympics  (also)   bows down to Islam, throwing out the bikini requirement for women beach volleyball players:  What’s next? Olympic Beach Burqa Volleyball? (BNI)

The situation could become even more incandescent with the continuing confrontations between Islamic fundamentalists and secularists, which only by chance have not yet led to a drama.

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NYT: "Diversity at Risk" –

The Walter Duranty clones at the New York Slimes must be breeding like mosquitoes. If Muslims would stop killing non-Muslims in the name of Allah and Islam, fear of Muslims might abate. Lather, rinse. Repeat.

After Massacre of Children By Islamist, NYTimes Frets Only About ‘Diversity at Risk,’ Anti-Muslim ‘Tensions’

Peculiar priorities at the New York Times. Reporter Scott Sayare, in Toulouse in the aftermath of the killings of seven by a radical Muslim, seemed to think that the top story out of the tragedy was Muslim fear of rising tensions and loss of “diversity”: “After Killings in France, Muslims Fear a Culture of Diversity Is at Risk.”

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Afghanistan: Boy bomber (12) in attack on high-profile Australian aid worker

The injured man is frontline veteran David Savage

We shouldn’t have any aid workers in Afghanistan.

“That he should be injured while trying to help people is a difficult thing for us to understand. We would like to thank everyone for their well wishes…”

The head of Afghanistan’s Counter-Criminal Department General Gulab Khan said three NATO soldiers and an Afghan National Army soldier were also injured in the blast.

The AGE has more


Imposing Islam in Your Public School in Six Easy Steps

Pamela Geller:

Check out this “instruction sheet” to Muslims on how to islamicize their public school. If this guide shows us anything, it’s what idiots they take us for. This is, of course, an outrage. None of this should be introduced into the public school. If this is what Muslim parents want, they should send their children to madrassah.

In other news:

Florida Parents Triumph, Kick Hamas-front-CAIR Out of their Kid’s Classroom: “address this issue, because we will be back”–Florida’s Hillsborough County parent body is a textbook case study of how to fight Muslim Brotherhood indoctrination of our children

U.S.: Jihad Against Whitey

Farraclown Watch

Make no mistake: this evil clown will get many people killed if he is not put away soon. What’s even more dangerous is that these lunatics have one of their own in the white house.

My God Will Wipe’ the U.S. ‘From the Face of the Earth’: Scary Audio From GBTV Special on Farrakhan

“If you choose to crucify me, know that Allah will crucify you.”Read More »

NOI  “Minister” Malik Shabazz Threatens to ‘Burn Down’ Detroit Over ‘White Supremacy’

“What the fu** is a matter with you?”—292 Comments »

Sick, vile and crazy:

Black Gangsters Unite:

Elected Officials Show Solidarity With Dead Hoodlum–Moonbattery

“May God bless Trayvon Martin’s soul, his family and–“

–CNN: Former Black Panther

Good riddance to a hooded crim:

As With Duke Lacrosse Case, Trayvon Martin Truth Begins to Emerge

Since it is becoming increasingly obvious that George Zimmerman is not a criminal but a hero, that Trayvon Martin was a drug-dealing, gang-banging punk, and that Martin was very much the aggressor, the Establishment Left might need to go back to Photoshop to keep the story spinning leftward. A little gift to the “mainstream” media to spare it the trouble:

New Zimmerman/Martin Pics for Liberal Media Use

We learned at least one thing from the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax: never believe theliberal narrative. Despite the spin, the truth is coming to light regarding George Zimmerman’s highly justified shooting of the violent punk Trayvon Martin:

Here’s an example of what the angelic Trayvon, or NO_LIMIT_NIGGA as he liked to call himself, left behind on Twitter>>>

If murder is their culture, this is what you get:

British Tourists Killed for Being “Crackers” in Florida

Since blacks kill whites on a daily basis in this country, don’t expect to see this story above the fold in many newspapers…

Blacks behaving like Muselmaniacs? Are you surprised?

Trayvon Martin Supporters Run Wild, Ransack and Loot Walgreens 

Trayvon Martin admirers found an appropriate way to honor the memory of the dead thug — by ransacking and looting a store>>>

One more thing:

The “white” Hispanic we have all been trained to hate — who has been in hiding for fear of his life, and who has had a bounty placed on his head by Obama’s New Black Panther friends — is a registered Democrat:

The True Face of Islam

A Star is Born:

Pamela Geller: Jew-killing jihadist now a hero

Well, there was no ‘backlash’, right? So now the muselmaniacs can go right ahead and go into phase II; showing the dhimmified kafirs how much they hold them in contempt.

In “Jew-killing jihadist now a hero” in WND today, Pamela Geller spotlights the mainstream media’s denial of the obvious after the Toulouse jihad murders at a Jewish school, and the horrific lionizing of the murderer:

The self-avowed “Islamic warrior” Mohamed Merah, who opened fire on a Jewish school in France and slaughtered Jewish children and a rabbi in cold blood, was no “lone wolf,” as the mainstream media initially insisted. His brother has been charged with complicity in his murders, and his mother refused to urge him to surrender when police asked her to do so during the 31-hour standoff before he was killed. But even worse, his cold-blooded murders are winning him sympathy from Muslims and leftist useful idiots around the world.

(Don’t say I told you so… he will get a heroes funeral!)

Toulouse Muslims rally in memory of Mohammad Merah only days after he shot seven people to death in the name of Allah, including three children. (TROP)

Hate Mail

Agence France-Presse  via Mullah
March 28, 2012

TOULOUSE – The French Jewish school where three children and a teacher were murdered this month has received a wave of anti-Semitic hate mail and calls, the local prosecutor said Wednesday.

Story at The StarPhoenix

Hard Lessons for France in Merah Case

A “reluctance to confront radical Islamists for fear of violating their civil liberties” contributed to French officials’ failure to act against Mohammed Merah prior to a series of attacks in Toulouse that killed three soldiers and three children outside. (Investigative Project)

Toulouse terrorist’s father to sue France

Believe it or not: my liberal Jewish lawyer friend said ‘he’s right, they shouldn’t have shot him…”
Video via Vlad Tepes

Support Michael Mannheimer!

I am honored to call Michael Mannheimer my friend and an indefatigable  truth-teller against the Mohammedan hordes who are turning Europe into EUrabia.

It is a scandal and a disgrace for Germany to criminalize those who stand up for the constitution to appease those who openly call for our destruction.

Germany: Freedom fighter fined for telling truth about Islam

“Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor…” – Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Once again, a human rights activist is punished for repeating what Muslims say without any fear of penalty of any kind. The court ruled: “The complaint against the named person is: He allegedly spread by means of data storage writings that incited to hatred against a religious group, to violence and arbitrary measures against them, hurting their human dignity; so that they might be abused, maliciously despised and libeled.” (Thanks to Uwe)

It is not “incitement to hatred” to tell the truth about any individual or group, or to report accurately about their activities. It is simply reality. It only becomes actual “incitement to hatred” if one calls for violence against that group, or even for hatred of that group, instead of simply defense of freedom and human rights. Michael Mannheimer, whom I had the honor of meeting when I spoke in Germany last summer, has never called for hatred or violence. He has simply told the truth, which so few have the courage to tell.

Free Speech Death Watch Alert: “Penalty Fine Against Michael Mannheimer,” from Politically Incorrect, March 27 (thanks to JW):

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