BBC Clip on Jewish school shooting in France


“Neo Nazis”- yawn!

Vlad Tepes has the BBC Clip on the Jewish school shooting in France.

Here is the link to the original page and below, the video in case it somehow disappears into the memory hole:

French clip on the Jewish school shooter

Also from Vlad:

This was a hard clip to translate as one of the speakers was on a telephone and speaking very quickly. The shooter seems to be described as, ‘of black origin’ although we could stand to be corrected if that is not what is said.


Thanks to Greg in the comments we got this correction…

The video says “homme à scooter noir” which would be translated as “man with a black scooter” and not man of black origin. No information as been given yet as to the ethnicity of the man.

7 thoughts on “BBC Clip on Jewish school shooting in France”

  1. Actually Sheik, this is starting to piss me off. Here we are 24 hours after the shooting and we are not getting even a tiny modicum of info on a possible motive or a suspect.

    Even the usually reliable anti-Jihad websites don’t have jack-scheisser on this.

    We anti-Jihad news junkies want some answers, and now!!!

    Pamela? Gates of Vienna, BNI, Spencer, Islam vs. Europe, come on guys, get with it!!

    Eric Dondero, Publisher

  2. They are claiming it was done by Neo Nazis?
    The first murder linked to the gun took place on March 11. Police found the body of Imad Ibn-Ziaten, a 30-year-old staff sergeant of North African descent, dead behind a school in Toulouse… Last Thursday a gunman riding a scooter and wearing a black helmet opened fire on three French soldiers in uniform at a shopping mall in Montauban, a city 50 kilometers north of Toulouse. Abel Chennouf, 24, and Mohamed Legouad, 26, both of North African descent, were killed. Loic Liber, 28, of Afro-Caribbean descent, was left in a coma.

  3. French school killer ‘may have filmed shootings’ – @AP

    Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the attacker was “wearing around his neck an apparatus” that could be used to film and post video online. He said that gave investigators new clues to the killer’s “profile,” though he admitted that they don’t appear to close to an arrest. Gueant described the suspect as “someone very cold, very determined, very much a master of his movements, and by consequence, very cruel.”

    Asked whether the gunman recorded the scene, Gueant responded, “We can imagine that.” But he added that authorities have not yet found any images of the killings online.

  4. Neo-Nazi white trash or Muslim … what’s the difference? Not much. They’re both adherents to sanctimonious blood lust totalitarian ideologies. The big problem with any Caucasian wankers doing this sort of thing is that it gives the multi-cultural libtards self-righteous ammunition to say “See, see, Christians/Whitey/Etc. are just as bad as Muslims!”, while, of course, ignoring the 18,000+ OTHER attacks by Muslims. Apparently, this killer is a slick operator, but piss the French off enough and they will take this guy down. I think the French people are tired of living in fear and seeing their culture eroded. Their elites are probably another story.

  5. France clears three neo-Nazi suspects in Jewish school shooting. Police are now forced to look at the more obvious suspects – MUSLIMS.
    Times of Israel Police have cleared three neo-Nazi suspects in the killing of three schoolchildren and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. The suspects were former soldiers who were discharged from duty for neo-Nazi activity in 2008. All three were interrogated by the police.
    French authorities now believe the killer was motivated by Islamic extremism or racism, Israel Radio reported.
    It is the third shooting attack in the Toulouse region in just over a week, and the suspect may be linked to all of them. The previous shootings targeted and killed soldiers of North African origin.
    The soldiers, part of an elite paratrooper regiment, were let go from the military after a photo of them surfaced of them saluting a Nazi flag with a swastika.
    In the attack, a gunman drove a scooter and used a handgun to shoot and kill the victims. Police believe the killer may have taped the killing, and think he may plan to post the video on the Internet.
    Jewish school shootings linked to Iran?
    Michael Savage WND This morning’s shooting outside of a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, where a rabbi, his two children and the child of the principal were killed, has all the markings of an Iranian terror cell, says Reza Kahlili, one of the foremost authorities on Iran, today. Reza Kahlili served in CIA Directorate of Operations in the 80s & the 90s, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
    “In January, the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei instructed the Quds force commander to prepare Iran and Hezbollah cells for attacks on Israeli interests worldwide,” says Kahlili. “This decision was taken in response to the assassination of the Iranian scientist specifically after the killing of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, deputy director of the first uranium enrichment facility at Natanz. The order to retaliate was also issued in order to alert Israel and the world about the consequences of any aggression against Iran or its nuclear facilities.”
    Kahlili adds, “Since the order by Khamenei for attacks on Israeli interests, Iranian operatives have either conducted or attempted to commit terror attacks in India, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Thailand and now France. We should not be shocked if similar attacks take place.

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