Englishman imprisoned for 'displaying images that were grossly offensive to the Islamic faith"

Dhimmitude on steroids.

Yet another judge  applies sharia law:

Gainsborough man jailed over anti-Islam images in his flat window


Judge Heath is civilized:

Judge Heath continued: “There is no place in a civilised society for conduct of that sort and the only sentence is an immediate custodial one.”

Judge Michael Heath told Conway:

“To describe the material you put in your window as grossly offensive is an understatement. There is no place in a civilised society for conduct of that sort and the only sentence I can justify for it is an immediate custodial sentence.”

Conway had no history of similar offending and spent much of his time caring for his elderly father.

“His father has suffered multiple strokes and cannot get out,” said Mr Stanton.

“This defendant involves himself in regular activity such as shopping for his father. That person would suffer should he lose his liberty.”

That of course doesn’t bother  dhimmi judge Michael Heath, who deserves more than a simple wake-up call.

 Update from the LA Times:

I’m not sure whether professor Jonathan Turley gets free speech:

Western nations appear to have fallen out of love with free speech and are criminalizing more and more kinds of speech through the passage of laws banning hate speech, blasphemy and discriminatory language.

Its not about falling in or out of love, professor. Its about freedom of speech and our freedom as a whole. Without it we are like lambs to the slaughter.

Jonathan Turley is a professor of public interest law at George Washington University.

18 thoughts on “Englishman imprisoned for 'displaying images that were grossly offensive to the Islamic faith"”

  1. Well, they say Britain is becoming more like a police state, or should I say Sharia-controlled police state.

  2. I enjoy blasphemy. I will fight till my last breath against those who would tell us that free speech is dead, or dying from a bad case of jihad.

  3. Western leaders have chosen to allow the OIC to have its way in its agenda to silence those who object to the islamic ideology.

    Under the guise of preventing violence and establishing peace they are committing themselves to the first phase of the enslavement of the masses.

    We now begin to see the effects of atheism on our nations as it commits everything to the fires of destruction.

    Our educational systems are in shambles: from history to maths to science, to our very language…no generation has been so ignorant with so much material at its disposal.

    With love corrupted, it has pursued law to bring order to the chaos at hand. Soon force will return and the West will once again sink back in the primeval mire of hatred and violence…

    They, who have not willed to commit themselves to the Christian God of Light, Love and Life, will now commit themselves to satan, the god of darkness, hatred and death.They go, following those who have been enslaved before them to be shrouded in eternal darkness.

  4. The judge Michael Heath should be jailed and then judicially executed for a) misusing the law b) imposing an illegal penalty on an undeserving person c) possible contributions to the death of the person’s father. There is no place in this land for the blatent abuse of the law as so openly done by Heath, and Heath’s actions demand his immediate removeal from any position with the judicial system. This can only happen if people, en masse, lobby for the removal of the thug Heath, and the immediate release of the unfortunate person who has been illegally incarcerated on the whim of a left-wing jerk. Get to it folks – you want your country back, then make sure that thugs like Heath are jailed and then , if deserving of such, judicially executed.

  5. What legal right does this ‘judge’ have to impose sharia law in Britain?
    Equivalent to the ‘judge’ Martin case in the U.S. I have seen posters stating that ‘God does not exist’, recommending ‘Behead those who insult Islam’. ‘Jesus was a Muslim’. these are offensive, very offensive indeed to people of religions other than islam, but no action is taken about that. So it is just ruddy islam that is being defended by OUR legal system, enforced by OUR police, that is applied sharia law, it doesn’t have to be agreed on paper, folks, that’s the trick, just skip the formalities and start jailing people right away….. and lots, lots more to come.

  6. Olli,
    You folks, and by that I mean the people in the UK, have to stop this nonsense now. And you start by making a example of this moronic judge by using our laws. As tempting as it is to send the idiot to hell, this cannot and must not be done. He has to be punished with our legal framework for the optimum effect. Terminate him and another fool will take his place unless the system is trained to properly bring these traitors to heel. You start this process by taking that judge to the cleaners in the courts. People, we need to to start lobbying for the release of Mr. Conway immediately, and we also need to ask for the removal of Michael Heath from the bench. We need to pressure and lobby, and UNLESS YOU START NOW THE SITUATION WILL NOT BE REDRESSED!!!!

  7. I fail to see how “atheism” has anything to do with this. That’s like Muslims blaming Jews for their problems. Atheists are probably about the same percentage of the population as Jews to Muslims, less than 1%. If you want to blame the rise of Islam on anything, blame it on your own superstitious/religious mindset which believes that Islam is “just another religion”. Now, I will agree that there are a bunch of young, disaffected “fashion atheists” out there who defend Islam and revile Christianity and Judaism, but these people are mostly just disaffected youth who will slap some other label on themselves next week along with a new tattoo. Actual atheists have absolutely no truck with Islam or any other religion. If you mistakenly believe your religion is going to save you from Islam, just take a look at what your priests, pastors and rabbis are doing in cooperation with Islamists!

    Anyway, this judge should be thrown from the bench. If he thinks that kissing Islamic ass will save him, he is wrong. His decision will only encourage more professional victim hood and more violence. It kills me to see the land of my ancestors going to Hell in a hand basket.

  8. “attacking both the prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion” So a judge is now deciding that there actually WAS a “prophet Mohammed”? See, this is what I mean, when you believe in YOUR Easter Bunny, it’s easy to believe that THEIR Easter Bunny was real also. Mohammed probably didn’t even exist as an actual, historical, physical person. He’s probably nothing more than a conglomeration, a personification, of old stories by many writers. And, even if he did exist, so what? He wasn’t a prophet, whatever that is.

  9. Non Muslims must NEVER offend Muslims with mere words or they will be severely punished by the courts.

    Who will take care of the defendant’s father now? His very ill father desperately needs the care, love, and kindness of his son. What is more important? Making a political statement by sending this man to prison FOR ONE YEAR to PLEASE Muslims, or showing love and mercy for his father and not sending this man to prison?

    Britain must SHOW MERCY! But mercy alone is reserved for Muslims. Non Muslim indigenous Brits are DESPISED and HATED by their own government.

  10. Can someone please start a worldwide petition to free this man?

  11. The people of Britain, America and non-Muslims nations must mass protest in the world’s city’s streets against CRUEL Islamic Sharia law being imposed on our non-Muslim countries.

    US, British and EU leaders ADORE Islam and HATE freedom.

    They make a mockery of the many brave heroes who fought and died in the Second World War so that we could live in freedom and safety.

  12. Folks,
    You can write here, but you really need to direct your efforts to thepoilticians and the public service.

  13. Violent Muslims went into a murderous rage killing and wounding many innocents over Americans disposing of Korans that had messages written in them by Muslim terrorists.

    How strange, because Pakistani Muslims DELIBERATELY defile their own Korans. Will distraught and outraged Obama, Clinton and U.S. military leaders wring their hands in horror and demand Muslims apologize and demand Muslims be brought to account for defiling Korans?

    Will the UK send out special intelligence agents to Pakistan to search for, and arrest Muslims and jail them for many years for DEFILING KORANS!

    Why are Pakistanis throwing away 100s of Korans into sewage filled canal?

  14. Judge Michael Heath sitting at Lincoln Crown Court. This was the judge who sentanced a man to a years imprisonment for having anti Islamic posters in his window. A sentance not even usually handed out for burglaries or other real crimes. This so called offence is not legally an offence as the government that introduced all the hate laws have broken Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights, have committed treason by signing away British sovereignty to foreign powers, the EU and thereby govern the country illegaly. The laws they’ve passed mean nothing and again break the constitution which guarantees the right of free speech. The man imprisoned is a political prisoner of a tyranical government. I think this judge needs to be targeted as an enemy of the British people.

  15. Update:

    Published on Monday 12 March 2012 11:30

    THE OFFENSIVE actions of a Gainsborough man were blasted by a judge as he was jailed for displaying inflammatory racist posters in the front window of his flat.

    Darren J Conway covered the window of his Heaton Street flat with posters, literature and photographs which attacked the Prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion.

    When police searched the 44-year-old’s flat, they also found 16 cannabis plants growing under a heated lens in his bathroom.

    He had previously been found guilty of the charges at Magistrates Court, and appeared at Lincoln Crown Court on Tuesday 6th March for sentencing.

    Conway, a former BNP member and supporter of the English Defence League, attracted comments from passers-by and workers at nearby businesses with his offensive display.

    Mr Lowe, prosecuting, described a number of the 17 posters and other such material displayed that were ‘undoubtedly offensive to members of the Muslim and Islamic faith’.

    Among the slogans on show from his ground-floor window were ‘Jihad works both ways’, ‘no surrender’, ‘Muslims are the most hateful of them all’ and a letter confirming that he was a member of the BNP.

    A passer-by reported Conway after being disturbed by the pictures of mutilated Muslims with graphic and obscene messages and imagery.

    In Conway’s defence, the court heard how he had no history of racism and he was a carer for his ailing, elderly father who had suffered from multiple strokes.

    Conway claimed that he put the posters and other literature in his window simply to attract the attention of the letting agent for his flat with whom he was in dispute, claiming that he had been left for months without electricity in three rooms and described the flat as uninhabitable with mould on the walls.

    When sentencing Conway, Hon Judge Heath slammed his offensive behaviour.

    “You put 17 offensive pieces and posters in the window of your ground-floor flat where they were there for all to see,” he said.

    “To describe the material that you put in your window as grossly offensive would be an understatement, to Muslims and right-thinking members of the public.”

    Judge Heath continued: “There is no place in a civilised society for conduct of that sort and the only sentence is an immediate custodial one.”

    Conway was sentenced to three months for the production of cannabis and 12 month religiously aggravated harassment.

  16. Judge Heath continued, “There is no place in a civilised society for conduct of that sort.”

    But, apparently there is a place in a civilized society, such as Britain for the host country to ‘tolerate’ from guest immigrants gathering in large protest groups carrying signs that have images and statements that are offensive to the host country/Christians and “right-thinking members of the public.”

    The people of Britain sold out, once again.

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