NETHERLANDS: Mosque leader tells Dutch children that “non-Muslims are dogs”

Just another “inappropriate incident”, nothing to do with Islam, move on:

Mosque leader tells Dutch children that “non-Muslims are dogs”(BNI)

In support of multiculturalism, Dutch teachers in Amsterdam took a group of 10-year-old school children to visit a mosque in order to teach them respect and understanding for all cultures. During the visit, the director of the Mouchidine mosque said that “Islam considers all non-Muslims to be dogs.”

Which proves once again that ‘all Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics”— and hatred of the kafir comes in the mental baggage.

AlertaDigital (H/T Peter M)  In a letter to parents, the school expressed regret over the incident. In its unusual response to parents, the letter states: “We are surprised that during the tour, the director of the mosque has told the children and their chaperones that non-Muslims are dogs. We believe that this statement was an inappropriate incident, as we offer to children participating in these outings to develop their respect for religious freedom.”

At the same time, the school wrote to the mosque to complain about the conduct of its director. However, neither party will make statements on the subject, which is considered settled by the school. “We will solve this problem by ourselves and I have no intention of discussing this matter with the media,” said Mariet Ten Berge, spokesman for the school, the newspaper De Telegraaf. “We had already gone to the mosque at other times and everything was fine.”

The angry parents have written to newspaper De Telegraaf to say they are shocked by the reaction of the school. “The school wants to reduce the problem to a minimum. This is precisely the problem, “said one mother. “We live in a society in which the slightest criticism of the Islamic ideology is considered racism, incitement to hatred and Islamophobia.” 

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  1. Why the hubhub, isn’t this just what the koran says? Can’t blame the mufti to recite from the holy book, can they? Wasn’t that the reason why they dragged the kids into a mosque in the first place? Bloody hypocrites.

  2. @ Mullah L.
    Here in the Netherlands we blame it all on Geert Wilders.
    Tornados in the Middle West, Tsunamis, the falling of meteorites –
    All caused by our Geert.
    And, as everyone knows and has always known: Mussels are as clean as newly fallen snow.

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