Soledad O'Brien Acts Like a Mad Monkey in Defense of Obama's Race Hatred Politics

Pamela Geller Links

CNN, the propaganda arm of the caliphate.

Here she attacks Breitbart editor Joel Pollack, but Pollack is ready. He’s obviously been around Breitbart  long enough. He’s also married to a black woman so O’Briens race card backfired.  What a bunch of schmucks: watch her head explode!

Derrick Bell, the man whose scholarship inspired Barack Obama, was the Jeremiah Wright of academia. (Joel Pollak)

And a Hollywood cult hero.

What a shameless tool and a (half-)black racist to boot. She also thinks Jeremiah Wright’s lunatic race-hate-speeches are  funny, and witty: 

Pamela Geller: CNN Tool Soledad O’Brien Melts Down, Attacks Breitbart Editor

We hid this during the election”

The esteemed scholar Thomas Sowell hammers ‘despicable’ Obama-endorsed racist Derrick Bell; Compares To Hitler

Hugging Bell, Obama ♥ Hate

Both Obama and Bell demanded that Harvard hire professors on the basis of race.  Obama and other students rallied to Bell’s side after Bell quit teaching until Harvard implemented race-based hiring policies.  Other archived video tapes I have reviewed reveal Obama’s favorite law professor espouses racial ideas deeply at odds with American values. J. Christian Adams

Obama: “open up your hearts and minds to my black race-huckstering prof!”

 Alinsky disciple Obama forced his own students at the University of Chicago Law School read some of Derrick Bell’s most radical and racially inflammatory writings. (Breitbart)

Back to Jihad

MuselJourno  arrested in bomb attack on Israeli diplomat in India

NEW DELHI –  Police on Wednesday said they arrested an Indian journalist in connection with last month’s bomb attack on an Israeli diplomatic vehicle in New Delhi, their first arrest in an attack that Israel accuses Iran of orchestrating.

Totally un-Islamic, right?

Jewish Graves Desecrated in Veterans’ cemetery

“Not only did these vandals desecrate the memorials of those who fought and died to protect our freedom, but they targeted individuals simply because of their religious beliefs.”

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is  conflicted?

Perhaps  just plain dishonest: Media Swarm!

You knew this was coming:

Obama’s Terror-Enabling Justice Department to Investigate NYPD over Counter Terrorism Measures

A comment from Keith Mahone:

Soledad O’Brien hates white people. She is a typical example of a Marxist espousing the most violent and unreasonable slurs and ideas with a smile and a friendly tone of voice.

And the white Marxist on her show is also a racist. He tells the guest that if he were black he (the guest) would be filled with rage. Really? Why? Because the “debate” begins with the assumption that black people are oppressed by whites, that if you’re black you’re a victim and if you’re white you’re an oppressor. If you haven’t done anything which can be cited as a specific example, then you are a victim or an oppressor based on membership in your race. (That is the heart and soul of racism.)

Moreover, white people don’t have what they have because they work for it. Oh no! They merely oppress others or a living. And black people can’t get ahead by working. They try and try, but they just keep bumping into racism. That’s what I see every time I drive through a black neighborhood, which is not-incidentally ALWAYS the most dangerous of neighborhoods for EVERY race, a place filled with hatred and ill will, theft, lies, treachery, racial separatism and sabotage, excuses and laziness, drug abuse, sexual perversion, teenage pregnancy, welfare fraud, music and sports-based identity, etc. ALL THE STEREOTYPES ARE TRUE! It doesn’t matter if you manage to cobble together a few exceptions. They will not overturn the basic facts. If you volunteer en masse to become a living stereotype, don’t be surprised if people take notice. (But only the honest and the brave will discuss it openly.)

Soledad O’Brien insinuates that black people in America are not “truly” free – as if to say they will never be free until they have what hardworking white people now have, but – and this is all important – without working for it. Otherwise, she must be saying they are unable to simply do what others did in order to get what those people have. Black people can’t put the same inputs into the model and get the same results – because of racism! Boo-hoo. What utter bullshit! Water doesn’t flwo downhill for black people because of racism. There aren’t twenty-four hours in a day for black people because of racism. Ketchup doesn’t come out of the bottle the same way for black people because of racism. Bullshit!

Is American society racist until white people give everything they have to black people? Marxists are constantly whipping blacks up into an ignorant frenzy and tossing this volatile race bomb at America. Mainstream black America is toiling in intellectual slavery to a large degree because of this.

Why don’t people – even other blacks – want black employees? Because they are filled with prejudice, backwardness and an entitlement mentality with a hair-trigger disposition to turn the workplace into a civil rights campaign or a litigious minefield according to some frivolous racial idea that masquerades as a “fairness” issue.

Nobody wants to be around that shit, much less depend on it for a profit and a successful business. Even most black college graduates think everything is about their race. They study their race in college in integrated, but especially in patronizing, hateful black colleges. Do you realize how narcissistic that is? Listen to black comedians and musicians and especially prominent figures from academia among other places (except the military and the business world – the real world): everything is about their race. Everyone has to acknowledge them by their race and then make all the usual concessions.

You are guaranteed an opportunity in our system, not an outcome. No one is stopping black people from working and making money and getting ahead. However, innumerable roadblocks are thrown in front of white advancement.

This is nothing but get-even-ism on the part of lazy, ignorant blacks and sabotage on the past of their Marxists provocateurs who can forge these people into any kind of weapon they want by excusing away all their purposeful backwardness and encouraging their vices. Just look at the Korean community if you want to see what can be done in one generation of hard work with no excuses.

I will not be silent about this. Black America has gone rancid under Marxism. If you can’t make it here amid all the white “racism”, hit the road. But be advised: No country in the world will offer you a better deal and the worst treatment you’ll ever get is from other black people. You will also never prosper anywhere without working hard. You will never be guaranteed subsistence like you are here – thanks to guilt-ridden whites who had nothing to do with your ancestors’ enslavement or your current backwardness – unless they did it to you by merely being white (according to your racist theory).

Your enslaved ancestors are rolling in their graves listening to you complain about “Jim Crow” America while a black man occupies the White House and any black American can make it from the very bottom to the very top. What a vile slur against white people to even insinuate that there is any racism in bend-over-backwards-to-prove-you’re-not-racist white America. All the racism is coming from YOU as egged on by your Marxist masters, the master manipulators of all demographic categories.

KEITH MAHONE, proud white American

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  1. O’Brien was so unprofessional and condescending to Pollack, Towards the end, she does not even try being civil to Pollack any more, even narky under her breath.

    It was crap like this, why I walked away from the Mainstream Media.

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