Syria: "Kill kill kill"

Inevitable. The nature of the (Islamic) beast.  As they say: ‘first the Friday people and then the Saturday people’. In Syria its not only Christians who will be annihilated (the Jews have been eliminated long ago) but  the age-old Sunni-Shia divide stacks the deck against the shiites.  The ruling Allawites will be decimated if the MB comes to power.

 (CBS/AP) BEIRUT, Lebanon — Two “terrorist explosions” struck security targets in the Syrian capital Saturday morning, killing at least 27 people and wounding 140, the state-run news agency said.View the Full Gallery »

Sunni jihadists expel 90% of Christians from Homs

Keep in mind that its these righteous sunni muslims that Obama seeks to protect from government intervention. But first, the good muslims divide the spoils. After all, booty is lawful to the soldiers of allah.

Obama’s Muslim adviser Dalia Mogahed criticizes Assad for not being able to deliver “resistance to Israel”

 She is an open advocate of Sharia, so it’s no surprise that she supports the Syrian revolutionaries, who are the same as the other “Arab Spring” revolutionaries: pro-Sharia Islamic supremacists.

“Homs has made its mind, we want to exterminate Allawites … Shiites” (BCF)

No doubt James Clapper from the Obama administration would call them “largely secular”.

“A demonstration led by the symbolic figure of Syria’s revolution, Abdul Baset Sarout, has called for the extermination of Allawite and Shiite minority. While Sarout waves his fist in approval, the man shouts through a sound amplifier “Homs has made its mind, we want to exterminate Allawites … Shiites”. The clip has been aired by a French TV channel. Sarout and other symbols of Syria’s revolution have made statements claiming that their movement is non sectarian.”

Democracy on the march. Nothing to see here. “Christians expelled from Homs,” from Notes on Arab Orthodoxy, March 14 (thanks to JW):

From the Syrian secularist website al-Haqiqa. Arabic original here.For more information about the Islamist makeup of the “Free Syrian Army” from a source generally sympathetic to the rebels, see here.

For an excellent analysis of the bias and misinformation about Syria in American media, see here.

Armed men from the Faruq Brigade have succeeded in expelling most of the Christians of Homs and have seized their homes by force.

Al-Haqiqa has learned from church sources in Homs that the city has been emptied of almost 90% of its Christians. It is expected that a complete “cleansing” of buildings owned by Christians will occur within a matter of days or weeks by armed men from the Wahhabi “Faruq Brigade.” A source in the Orthodox metropolitan’s office told al-Haqiqa that armed men from the Faruq Brigade went to the homes of the Christians, house by house, in the neighborhoods of Hamidiya and Bustan el-Diwan, informing them that they must immediately leave their homes and the city of Homs. The source revealed that the lastest [sic] attempt to expel Christians by force of arms occured [sic] yesterday. It included Dr. Taleb Mashhour Gharibeh, professor of mathematics at Baath University in Homs, his brother the musician Marwan Mashhour Gharibeh (a musician in Sabah Fakhri’s group), both of whom live in the Hamidiya neighborhood, their sister Marie Mashhour Gharibeh, who lives in the Bustan el-Diwan neighborhood, as well as their father and his wife the schoolteacher Maha Habou, who live in the new neighborhood el-Wa’ar. This wave of expulsions also included the residents of a six-story building in Hamidiya, whose residents include eighteen families, almost all of whom are from the village Uyoun el-Wadi.

The church sources said that the armed men informed the owners of the homes before they departed that if they did not leave immediately they would be shot and pictures of their corpses would be sent to al-Jazeera with the message that the government had killed them. The source emphasized that all those who were expelled “were not allowed to take any of their possessions with them, not even extra clothes. Immediately after they left their homes, the buildings were occupied by armed men who considered it ‘war-booty from the Christians!'”

It should be noted that the Faruq Brigade is operated by armed elements from al-Qaeda and various Wahhabi groups and it includes mercenaries from Libya and Iraq. Last month they destroyed two churches with rocket fire, burning one and severely damaging the other.

4 thoughts on “Syria: "Kill kill kill"”

  1. The loyal Syrian army has found Iranians and Lebanese in the “Rebels” fighting them, and lots of used ammunition found lying around is a product of Iran. Although I know Assad is a dictator (I’ve been to Syria)
    I hope he continues to mow down as many of the so-called “Rebels” as possible, if they manage to topple his government and kill him, the world will be the worse.
    Most Christians live in Aleppo, and this city has the largest number of university graduates and educated people. The Islamic cities such as Damascus were closed cities, only Muslims allowed to enter, but Aleppo was always an open city and has a different mentality. I suppose this means it will be a target of fierce attack, because the Muslims want to get rid of all those who are educated and can think for themselves.

  2. The Syrian conflict is just a proxy Shia/ Sunni war . With Sordid Saudi funding and arming the Sunni populace against the Allawite Shai rulers supported by demented Iran. This war has been ongoing for 1400 years and makes a mockery of Islam being called the ‘Religion of Peace’ . Sunnis call Shia APOSTATES and vice versa which also makes their ‘1.5 Billion followers’ claim a croc too.
    But whatever side wins they will both STILL hate the Jews and the West and plot world domination , but lets hope its the Sunnis as the Shia dont just talk about Armageddon they positively WANT it to bring back the ‘Hidden Imam’ and world domination for Shia.

  3. Unfortunately Iran is in the thick of this, Sarastro. What many people do not realise is the Assad and his fellow arab dictators were brutal thugs, because that appears to be the only way to breach the primitive arab/muslim mentality. Lebanon was once the home of a highly educated Christian population, but it was destroyed because idiots in the west averting their eyes to naked muslim aggression against the Christian populations of the region. Thank the demcrats for that one.

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