They really don't get it….

The enemedia was adamant the Toulouse Killer was “Right-Winger”, another Breivik:

Until today, the New York Times described the Toulouse mass murderer as a “neo-Nazi”, anti-immigrant, intolerant xenophobe who killed Jewish schoolchildren in cold blood, and who was planning to kill again. Yahoo/AP fantasized that the Toulouse shooting deaths “were somehow inspired by anti-immigrant political talk,” religious bigotry, and a “growing climate of intolerance.”— Toulouse Killer was “Right-Winger”. But they won’t eat crow; they already changed the narrative.

Marine Le Pen

“Marine Le Pen says her anti-Islam agenda has been vindicated.”

French “far-right”  hopeful Marine Le Pen hit out at “Islamic fundamentalism” on Israeli radio Wednesday after commentators initially blamed European anti-Semitism for deadly sh0ootings that killed