Austria's Reichstag Fire Fizzles, Morocco Whines About "Xenophobic Act"

Austria: Socialist Yoots Stage Reichstag Moment

Always remember: the Nazis were  SOCIALISTS, and socialists are always left, never right:

 Socialists Set Fire to Own Building and Paint Swastikas on Walls to Blame it on Right-Wingers

UPDATE: Hilariously, the 17-year-old Socialist has now been charged with “National Socialism Reactivation” under the strict laws Austria brought in after the war to outlaw Nazi activities. Painting swastikas is illegal. (Cheradenine Zakalwe)

Morocco “outraged”  about “xenophobic act”

“My Plan for Innsbruck: Love for my homeland instead of Moroccan thieves”.

Love of country instead of Moroccan thieves

Morocco Government Protests Austrian FPÖ Party

Rabat, Morocco – the government cited the Austrian Ambassador in Rabat, H.E. Dr. Wolfgang Angerholzer for a conversation and condemned Austrian rightist party FPÖ after the Innsbruck fraction of the FPÖ used election placards describing Moroccans as “thieves”.

Youssef Amrani, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in Rabat, called Austria’s ambassador to express “the dissatisfaction of the Kingdom of Morocco and its condemnation of the racist events and the defamation towards the Moroccans citizens residing in the Austria, which is a member of the European Union”.

The public prosecutor in Innsbruck (in the West of Austria) announced earlier that he had opened an investigation against the right wing Austrian party FPÖ on charges of “incitement of hatred” following their use of placards hostile to Morocco during electoral campaign which precedes the municipal elections scheduled on April 15 2012 in Innsbruck.

The controversial slogan appeared on the placards of the candidate for the position of major, Mr. August Penz, stating in German: “My Plan for Innsbruck: Love for my homeland instead of Moroccan thieves”. The placards have apparently been retired after the initial scandal they provoked when featured on Austrian national TV.