Drama Queen Mehanna: "You made me…. Its not terrorism; it’s self-defense!"

You made me do it!

MASSACHUSETTS MUSLIM al-Qaeda-linked domestic terrorist given standing ovation by Muslim supporters after sentencing (BNI)

 “Its not terrorism; it’s self-defense.’

 ‘America will change and recognize this trial for what it is.’

Daily Mail  During the sentencing hearing, Drama Queen Mehanna gave a sweep of history and compared the suffering experienced by Muslims at the hands of Americans to the oppression inflicted on American colonists by the British.

Yawn!  Resisting Islam causes jihad. Where did we hear that  before?

“It’s because of America that I am who I am”: Massachusetts Muslim blames U.S. for his jihad plot to murder soldiers

Blame Batman!

He told the court his values were shaped by reading Batman comics as a child. The comics taught him, he said, “There are oppressors, there’s the oppressed, and there are those who step and defend the oppressed.”

UPDATE: Mehanna got 17 1/2 years of prison dawah.

Of course. You didn’t think it was his fault, did you? Remember, it never is. Whether it’s jihad violence or honor killing or any act of Islamic supremacism, it is always the evils of the kuffar, or the shameless provocation of the girl who had the temerity to be raped, or the big dumb Infidel culture that was just sitting there ripe for the taking, that is to blame.

“Sudbury terror sympathizer lashes out during sentencing.” by Laurel J. Sweet for theBoston

Oh the injustice! May allah burn the dirty kafirs in hell! This would never happen under sharia!

Herald, April 12  (JW)

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  1. What I find very funny is the application of Mohammedan’s fractured logic in an attempt to justify the whims and crochets of their abysmal cult.

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