Germany: Ex-RAF Member (now Watermelon Greenie) Demands "Incest Should be Acceptable"

Why not? Didn’t the old Greeks have a far better understanding with young boys than we have today? All we need is more tolerance!

“Brandstifter”  Thilo Sarazzin must wish he had a blowtorch  when he reads this:

Germany: Incest remains verboten

After the European Court of Justice did not consider the German “Inzest Verboten” law an obstacle to human rights yesterday, some critics have spoken out  against the ruling.

Thus the former Red Army Fraction (Bader-Meinhof gang)  supporter and Green Party politician Hans Christian Ströbele (72, pictured) demands sex between brothers and sisters Sex must be permitted!

In Turkey it is also permitted, why not in the Turkish emirate of Kreuzberg?  Egypt and  the Aztecs, according to Ströbele,  had whole dynasties where  brothers and sisters love have even been prescribed. Support for  Ströbele came from Parvin Sadigh, an iranian subversive in ‘Die Zeit’. STERN and others  are eagerly discussing this most important topic, as if EUrabia didn’t have any other problems….  (PI)

6 thoughts on “Germany: Ex-RAF Member (now Watermelon Greenie) Demands "Incest Should be Acceptable"”

  1. Good Lord, I shudder to think, that with all the knowledge and science that we have at hand that confirms the deformities and birth defects that come from incest, that this fool would site, Turkey as an example-a backwards country and then two empires that have been dead for thousands of years. Yes, indeed, “Liberalism is mental disorder.”

    Perhaps Stobele may want to look closer to home, and look at the high numbers of deformities and defects found in the Pakistani community in Britain, when one marries their cousin.

  2. There was some group on FB that kept bring up the topic of necrophilia and kept asking if it was really wrong. I kept insulting them and accusing them of being Islam backed. They didn’t like that very much. Is sex between close genetic relatives wrong? Hey, don’t ask me. Ask the retarded and malformed offspring of such unions or just look at the British Royal Family and watch Deliverance. It’s utterly irrelevant what previous human civilizations did in the ancient past. People shouldn’t go to jail for incest, but therapy should be on their agenda. And, it certainly shouldn’t be condoned or supported as if it’s just another “choice”.

  3. And, oh, I wasn’t referring to father/daughter, mother/son incest as not being punishable. The parents should have their brains removed on such behavior.

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