Germany: Koran distribution worries politicians, Pirate Party seeks to legalize drugs and incest….

More crazy than Kabul:

The reason why the German gubmint wants to stop large-scale Koran distribution  is that some Germans might throw it in the trash, and since everyone knows that Koranimals go apeshit when kafirs  dump  that dirty book the consequences could be calamitous…. this according to Volker Kauder from the Christian Democrats  (in German from PI more]

German “Pirate-Party” wants to legalize drugs and inzest

The so-called ‘Pirate Party’  promised “free internet”  (free beer or contraceptives, anyone?)  and  was voted in with almost double digit numbers. Turns out that this mob is the offspring of the ’68 Anarcho’s with a typically  far left agenda, only more radical.

Dumbing down of the general population and the entitlement mentality are a toxic cocktail.

The success of the so-called  ”Piratenpartei” scares many.   Apart from liberalizing drugs and  freedom from copyright infringment the  Netz-68er wants to implement also an exemption from punishment for Inzest. [more from PI in German]