Mecca is everywhere!

Obviously they didn’t have a kaffir there to show them how to use a compass. Muslims originally prayed towards Jerusalem until the Jews laughed muhammad out of town…. (thanks to BNI & Halal Pork Shop)


“My Hijab Protects You From Lusting After Me, It Protects Me from Molestation & Rape”

The freedom sack is whatever she wants it to be:

8 thoughts on “Mecca is everywhere!”

  1. “Muselputz” ha, ha 🙂

    Put handcuffs to the molesters & rapers, instead of wearing a Hijab!!

    “…My Hijab Protects You From Lusting After Me, It Protects Me from Molestation & Rape”

    At each corner, in the kuffar-country Germany,
    every secound, a man (hormone-controlled monster)
    molested & raped a non-Hijab-non-believing girl (kafir) .

    Today, I have seen at least 30 rapes on the way to the City.

    Well … it is no longer nice 🙁

  2. One can consider the hijab to function as a Muslim form of lingerie; evidently, Muslim men find it attractive, and like all lingerie, the man’s aim is to get it off the woman as quickly as possible.

  3. I don’t think she needs a hijab to protect her from male attention. Her face already does an excellent job.

  4. It is rather arrogant and insulting to assume that all man would lust after this bird if she wasn’t wearing her walking sheet.

    Furthermore, the vast majority of rapes now occurring in Europe are perpetrated by her religious co-patriots. Animals that they are.

  5. She’s a “double-bagger”. I’d have to wear a bag over my head, too, during sex, in case hers falls off, so then I still won’t have to look at her.

  6. For most women, 95%, the scarf, hijab, niqab, burka are not forms of modesty. Women like this one suffer from a mix of self delusion and immodesty. Far from attractive her physical appearance, irrespective of what she might be as a person, is repulsive. As to the latter the words which come out of her body are proof of the saying that while (physical) beauty may only be skin deep ugliness goes to the bone.

  7. It’s a uniform like that of the Ku Klux Klan. Its aim is to provoke and create fear, to separate the wearer from the normal hoi polloi and to draw an ever sharper line between ‘us’ and ‘them’.
    If muslims are so damn spiritual, why can’t they just be so in their hearts?

    As for the “protection against rape” bullshit, I think it’s safe to assume (although I don’t have the statistics) that there is much more rape in places where people walk around wrapped in bin liners and shrouds than in places where men can control themselves *even* when they see female head hair.

  8. By putting hijabs on three-year-old girls then, Muslims are admitting that their men are so base as to lust after three-year-old, and not only that but the girls need protection from rape. This is quite some admission. I don’t suppose Jenny Brockie could challengs one of these creeps on this point instead of trating their hijab-wearing as something respectable.

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