Mosqueteria in, Bibles Out!

Canada:  Bibles out, Mosqueteria in!

Menstruating females in the back: if you object, you’re a “hater”

“Ban On Gideon Bible Handout at Public Schools Sparks Torrent of Hate”–Scaramouche

Believe it or not,  there is still some dissent:

“Allowing newcomers to Canada the ability to walk all over our heritage has got to stop before they carry us into the realm of a warring nation like the one they often left behind,” another writer said.

The Rutgers University Muslim Student Association will host its annual Islam Awareness Week!

“There are many individuals who do not know the difference between being a Muslim and being a terrorist.”

I must admit I’m one of them. Because there is no way to separate them. Muhammad, profit of Islam, was a terrorist and commanded the Muslims to strike ‘terror in the hearts of the unbelievers.’ Since I have chosen not to submit, what is a believing Muslim to do? Lie?

“We look at the Quran, at Muhammad’s story and his life,” 

Okay, lets take a real good look: the police is “spying” on poor widdle Mooslimbs!

“[People] think things like women are being oppressed and Islam encourages violence against non-Muslims. So now there’s the [New York Police Department] spying happening,”– sorry, but what’s the connection?

Classroom Da’awa

Video: Muslim woman’s stealth dawah in U.S. classrooms

Not stealth da’awa.  This is pure evil, in your face.

Thanks to Creeping Sharia

Note that this was the week after 9/11 as indicated by the date on the chalk board. These are very young children being subjected to Islamic dawah almost certainly without their parents knowledge as the school fails in its duties.

In the second video, the same stealth jihadist who is trying to corrupt your children and grandchildren does the same, if not worse, to her own child. Then she urges Muslims to call terror-linked CAIR to help fight non-Muslims opposed to sharia.

Resistance in Tampa:

Tampa: $1000 reward for tips about terror-linked CAIR in school

Hassan Shibly, executive director of CAIR’s branch in Tampa,  finds it “disturbing”– Candy Olson, chairwoman of the school board, was not happy with the development.

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  1. All those little martyrs in the making
    All those little childbrides for allah and his mates in the making
    Sinister manipulation which is right up there with child abuse!

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