NASA rebels against Obama appointed 'outreach' clown

“The “foremost” purpose of NASA is to help Muslims feel good about themselves.”

Charles Bolden

One of the very few government agencies that have inspired pride in the American people is NASA. But under the Obama Regime, it has been reduced to a pathetic farce devoted to advancing liberal ideology while the final frontier is left to the communist Chinese to explore. Those who work for this demoralized agency have had enough:

NASA Rebels Against Global Warming Moonbattery

Dear Charlie…..

‘It is clear that the science is NOT settled.’

Charlie is Charles Bolden, the perversion-promoting Affirmative Action clown appointed to head the agency, who has said that the “foremost” purpose of NASA is to help Muslims feel good about themselves. The list of signatories is more impressive than Charlie, to put it mildly.

Cartoonish global warming profiteer James Hansen — who draws a paycheck from NASA while devoting himself to promoting the hoax — cannot be pleased.


One thought on “NASA rebels against Obama appointed 'outreach' clown”

  1. Hey, if we want Muslim money, fine, let’s just say that we want Muslim money. But, to make NASA another dhimmi arm of the US Government is, at best, pathetic and sickening. It takes the most heroic activity of government in the last fifty years and demeans it. Who cares whether Muslims feel good about themselves? If they want to feel good about themselves, they should leave Islam and go to therapy. Even the most dumba** libtard should know that you can’t MAKE people feel good about themselves. And, even if we could, that’s not NASA’s function and it is not the function of government, even though I wonder every day what the function of government has become. The foremost purpose of NASA is to explore space, period. If they want to work on the technology to beam the entire Muslim population of the Earth to the surface of the Sun, well, that’s OK also.

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