New Zealand: Maori Leader Demands ANZAC Apology

Sunday, 22 April 2012/thanks to Mullah

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin has written to the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand urging that it officially condemns recent attacks on the graves of New Zealand soldiers in North Africa.

“The recent vandalism of these sacred sites by Islamic activists was an outrage,” says Rankin, “and yet the New Zealand Muslim community has refused to condemn it.” Mr. Rankin has written to the Federation’s chairman asking for a public condemnation of the war graves attack but has received no reply.

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  • Muselmaniacs don’t normally apologise for hurting kuffar feelings.

8 thoughts on “New Zealand: Maori Leader Demands ANZAC Apology”

  1. “Muselmaniacs don’t normally apologise for hurting kuffar feelings.” – and I doubt if an exception will be made here.

  2. Again a Maori stands up to be counted while the lilly-livered “ruling class” hides.

    I very much doubt that the retarded muslmaniacs will even consider an apology.

  3. Why apologise?, in Islamic eyes we inidels are low life and viewed with utter contempt. Islam never apologises, it is beyond reproach. In fact it will probably demand an apology from The Commonwealth War Graves Commission for siting those graves in Islamic territory, and of course financial compensation.

  4. Good on David Rankin..As Kaw says no onelse has said anything. I wonder how much publicity this will get in NZ? Very little I imagine.

  5. The motards sense of entitlement and superiority makes the British Raj look like a band of apologetic, low esteem Uriah Heeps.

  6. Hi Thesesa,
    Yes, I believe that the muslim creeps destroyed Commonwealth graves – which means ANZAC.

    Gizzard and Co. are too busy buying the muzz vote, so any confrontation with these thugs will only come from the local community.

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