Prayer Rooms "Stupid", But …..

The camels nose is already in the tent. Whatcha gonna do about it, infidel….?

‘It’s stupid’: Jeff Kennett slams AFL plan to install prayer rooms at all grounds

“It’s not practical, it’s stupid, it’s political correctness gone mad.”

He said the move would also ruin the culture of football and create unnecessary change.

Daryl Timms/April 19, 2012 via Mullah

EX-HAWTHORN president and former premier Jeff Kennett has lashed out at the AFL for ruling that all grounds must install prayer rooms.


“It was a request from Bachar in his role as a multicultural ambassador and, to be honest, I was genuinely surprised it wasn’t thought of before,” Mr Demetriou said.

“We will be speaking to all our venues about providing a prayer room, which is, of course, for any denomination. It’s again a demonstration of our inclusiveness.”

More on the “prayer room”, which is of course for any denomination, at Herald Sun

6 thoughts on “Prayer Rooms "Stupid", But …..”

  1. Hmmm..Seems to me that Bachar Houli is turning into a monoCULTural ambassador. How about a trade off? Prayer rooms at all AFL grounds in exchange for the general public being given access to Mosques to have a kick of the footy….

  2. well if these prayer rooms are for anyone lets fill them with everyone whos not muslime and they can use the toilets.

  3. How about emptying a couple of flagons of cheap wine all over the carpet go?

    Then a few gallons of pigs fat to complete the job.

  4. What a lot of crap……. definetly agree with the comment above re mono-cultural ambassador, I wonder if there are special breast feeding rooms at all grounds… just in case there are breast feeding mums there….. how about special conjugal rooms in case of any sex addicts…. how the list could grow……utter rubbish!

  5. I read somewhere…a prayer room was put at a school. One of the Muslim students saud it was terrific, because at home she didn’t get around to praying much…no time. (Probably TV shows too interesting; schoolwork not so much so!)

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