San Jose is actually 'Saint Hussein' named after shiite imam….

“Now how did Imam Hussein get to California? See, these are the matters that need investigating.”

San Jose, California: Named After Islam?  (JW)

Muslim claims that eminent Western figures—whether William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, or Leonardo Da Vinci—were Muslim believers are as frequent as they are unfounded.


Here is yet another attempt: During an interview on Arabic TV, a Shia Muslim cleric, apparently in the context of discussing how Islam (supposedly) came to America before Christopher Columbus, tried to prove his claim by pointing to California. After presenting the U.S. state as “the most important in America,” he referred to “its most important city,” which according to him is San Jose. He then proceeded to offer the etymology of the city’s name. He correctly explained that “San” means “saint”; but then the lunacy began: according to the cleric, “Jose” (pronounced ho-zay) is the Latin word and pronunciation for one of Shia Islam’s most important figures, “Hussein.”

He triumphantly concluded, “You see, San Jose is really Saint Hussein!”—all while the host interviewing him mused in wonder, sighing “Oh Allah!” The cleric then asked, “Now how did Imam Hussein get to California? See, these are the matters that need investigating.”

Of course, as millions of people known, “Jose” is Spanish for Joseph, as in “Saint Joseph.” But such blatant facts are irrelevant for those in need of constant validation — for those suffering an inferiority complex.


Muslims also claim to be the first non-aboriginals in Australia, coming from the Indonesian muslim fishing expeditions in the years before Captain Cook’s discovery tour. The muslim fishing expeditions never left an enduring mark on Australia which was subsequently invaded by white Christians.

Can you see why the muslims want to be seen as the first settlers in any Christian country? The muslims would like to eventually try to “re-take” the “muslim lands” that were stolen by the “Christians”.

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  1. * Muslims were the “real victims” of the Titanic, (no shiite…..!

    The Titanic no doubt ran aground on it’s way to Christmas Island, with Ian Rintoul taking the Marconi call …

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