"Save your money don't go to the show..!"

Let Willie handle it!

More Diversion:

  • U.S. agents’ vice girl scandal to cost taxpayers $1.5m as team of investigators are flown to Colombia
  • Investigation is launched into allegations that agents and servicemen cavorted with up to 20 prostitutes

Maria Camila, 22, who describes herself as a student, insisted that she is not a prostitute and was not paid by the bodyguard, who was staying at a beachfront resort, the Hotel Caribe.  (Pic from Moonbattery)

Read more: Daily Mail

One thought on “"Save your money don't go to the show..!"”

  1. Yeah, just what we need, another taxpayer boondoggle pointless investigation. Boys will be boys; reprimand, fire or whatever then get back to business. Or just give me the $1.5M and I’ll write you a report. You won’t like it, but I’ll write it.

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