Sweden: No science fiction author ever imagined a more grotesque form of totalitarianism.


Swedish Gubmint demands you hand over your kids  to Marxist Indoctrination Centers

Swedish Home-Schoolers Flee ‘Parental Inquisition’ (thanks to TT)

“The Swedish government believes that [the] state takes better care of children than parents,”

Its like handing your kids over to pedophiles who promise to liberate them from ‘sexual oppression’

In Sweden, crime among immigrant caused by Muslim youths is constantly explained as a matter of social inequality.

Anti-Semitic hate crimes are on the rise in Sweden, and as in France and Great Britain, the violence and harassment is increasingly a consequence of immigration from the Muslim world.

In Malmö, as elsewhere in Sweden, crime among immigrant youths is constantly explained as a matter of social inequality. Swedish mailmen, ambulance drivers and fire fighters have at times not been able to perform their duties in immigrant neighborhoods, something Swedish media and politicians on the Left tend to describe as a consequence of discrimination and poverty – a bold analysis in one of the world’s most generous welfare havens for refugees. Also, hate crimes committed by members of the immigrant community are rarely described as a matter of values; instead the perpetrators are referred to as victims.   Malmö: Hatred of Jews in a Swedish City

Good luck with that one:

The Sweden Democrats’ youth wing wants to entice jobless immigrants to leave the country by offering them “goodie bags” complete with tips on how to facilitate immigrants’ departure.

Sweden Democrats in bid to ‘help’ immigrants leave

From Gender Equal to Gender-Neutral

Socialist progress can only progress further if we let it:

For many Swedes, gender equality is not enough. Many are pushing for the Nordic nation to be not simply gender-equal but gender-neutral. The idea is that the government and society should tolerate no distinctions at all between the sexes.

To achieve this bizarre and unnatural objective, Swedes are pushing social engineering to extremes that range from silly to horrifying. A few examples: click here.

As in George Orwell’s 1984, even language is twisted to meet totalitarian political objectives.

“Three Swedish nationals and a resident of Sweden” plead not guilty to plotting jihad mass murder bombing of newspaper that printed Motoons

Somehow I doubt that Swedish nationality or residence was what drove these men to undertake their mass murder plot, but the VOA thinks that’s the only detail about them that is pertinent.

“Trial for Alleged Islamic Terrorists Begins in Denmark,” from the Voice of America, April 13 via JW:

Four Swedish men went on trial in Denmark Friday on terrorism charges arising from an alleged plot to attack a newspaper that published satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad – an issue that has inflamed Muslims’ passions in the past.

The VOA, like every other mainstream media outlet, has now apparently recited the Shahada and become Muslim, and acknowledges Muhammad as a prophet.

Three Swedish nationals and a resident of Sweden pleaded not guilty at the start of their trial, in a courtroom outside Copenhagen. Three of the men were arrested in December 2010 while they were allegedly heading to the offices of the newspaper newspaper to carry out the attack. The other man was arrested in Stockholm the same day, and later extradited to Denmark.Prosecutors say the men on trial had ties to militant Islamist groups and international terrorist organizations, and had planned to kill a large number of people at the newspaper.

Three of the defendants also pleaded not guilty to charges of illegal weapons possession….

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  1. You will soon see this on a global scale. It will blow in like the wind on a fall day.

  2. @Reddog333. It has already started.

    Families are fleeing Germany for Austria and the German police arrested Katharina Plett for home schooling her home school, forcing her husband and children to flee to Austria.

    Sweden fear’s individualism and want to ensure that no one breaks the velvet totalitarianism of socialism and needs state education to ensure the seeds of tyranny are laid.

  3. I just have this to say about the Johansson case what if the parents were taking him to Pakistan to be a terrorist? The wife is Indian Pakistanis are ethnically Indian and India is a country with no conscription of either males or females (Sweden has conscription of males)

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