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 KRudd is intelligent! KRudd wants ‘ties with Asia!” KRudd is China-literate and Asia-literate!

One nation under KRudd!


Welcome to the clean energy economy, people. Unfortunately its a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT


Anti-islamic pamphlets an ‘unlikely’ breach of the law

Larissa Nicholson/April 18, 2012 via Mullah

The Canberra Times revealed in January that the small, cartoon-style leaflets were hand-delivered to letterboxes in Queanbeyan, Kingston, Braddon, Lyneham and Civic, and included titles such as Is Allah Like You? and Allah Has No Son.

Story at Canberra Times
Can’t have people telling the truth about allah and islam, so better to outlaw things publishing the truth, such as “allah has no son” .
Cultural Enrichment, Exiting Nightlife, Mosaic of Diversity:

Five shootings within a few hours – and a machine-gun spraying bullets in a suburban street

“It could be a case of mistaken identity … there are a couple of Afghans in the area that are involved in gangs and have similar houses.”

Must someone die because we were timid? (Andrew Bolt)