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Well-known Uzbek rights activist sent to mental clinic
Well-known human rights activist Elena Urlayeva was sent to mental hospital in Tashkent on 5 April. Her kith and kin believe that something had been done to her in order to prevent her from travelling to Geneva in May.“Elena was completely inadequate after she had returned from Turkey last Monday, which was a surprise to many of her colleagues,” journalist Viktor Krymzalov has said.
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He said that he had talked to Urlayeva on Wednesday and got stunned by her words.Elena told him that, on the invitation of Mukhammad Salikh, the leader of the Erk opposition party and the People’s Movement of Uzbekistan, she had travelled to Turkey, where she changed her attitude towards her life.“According to her, one should believe in Allah but not in the deceitful West,” Krymzalov said.
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I think the Uzbek authorities decided not to allow Elena to make a speech in Geneva but it is not clear to me how they did this”
Abdullo Tojiboy-ugli

all her papers related to her human rights activity from the balcony.

Uznews.net has failed to contact Mukhammad Salikh to confirm his meeting with Elena Urlayeva in Turkey. The opposition leader is out of mobile service areaMany of those who have talked with Urlayeva remain perplexed.“I believe that it was someone else who imitated her voice,” Rakhbarkhon Adylov, whose family Urlayeva had defended, has said.At about 12 a.m. on 5 April, human rights activists Bakhodyr Namazaov and Abdullo Tojiboy-ugli specially went to see Elena to her place in the TTZ residential area in Tashkent and to check what was happening to her.

“Elena did not open the door for us saying she did not have the right to do so without her husband’s presence,” Tojiboy-ugli has said.

He said they were surprised so much that they asked Urlayeva to look out of the balcony to make sure she was ok.

The human rights activists went to the house of Urlayeva’s mother, Vera Afanasyeva, today and found out that her relatives had called an ambulance car for her.

According to Urlayeva’s relatives, she returned completely inadequate from Turkey and was going off into hysterics, breaking dishes and crying out the phrase “Allah Akbar!”.

“We have known Elena for many years. She always remained absolutely normal and sober even when she had been sent to mental hospital by force. I do not understand what happened to her,” many colleagues of the leader of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan have said.

Many of them assume that Urlayeva was turned into a zombie.

“She was expected to travel to Geneva to give a big speech on human rights in Uzbekistan,” Tojiboy-ugli said.

He said Urlayeva had collected many documents for this and saved them on a flesh memory card. But Urlayeva told him that now she had neither documents nor the flash memory card.

“I think the Uzbek authorities decided not to allow Elena to make a speech in Geneva but it is not clear to me how they did this,” Tojiboy-ugli said.

Human rights activists in Tashkent are going to insist on a comprehensive examination of Urlayeva’s health condition.