What's the difference between al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular”,  and only wants to kill all Jews… 

Remember:  Qaradawi is often portrayed as “moderate” by Western media.

  • Qaradawi calls for holy war to destroy Israel— how did he get such a crazy idea? Muslim spokesmen in the west keep telling us that there is no such thing as “holy war”, that it was only a bunch of nutty Christians that have such a concept……

Now, we all know that ‘al Qaeda’ is the enemy and…. (don’t mention the Jews)   we killed most of their leaders, so there is nothing to worry about, except:   we have no silver bullet to destroy Al-Qaeda according to  US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta 

John Brennan, chief counter-terrorism adviser to President Obama, said Sunday while al-Qaida has been significantly weakened, a high state of vigilance is still needed in the air-travel industry.

“Aviation has been a traditional target of al-Qaida and they continue to do that,” Brennan said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Brennan agreed the slaying of Osama bin Laden a year ago was a major development in what he said was the overall degradation of al-Qaida capabilities.

This administration is a ship of fools.


4 thoughts on “What's the difference between al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood?”

  1. But what if bin Laden was killed as although he was no longer a driving force, his death would mean a boost for a US president whose aims coincided with bin Laden’s own (Islamic conquest) but who felt comfortable about sacrificing his brother in order to achieve their common goal through his re-election, an end towards which such a bold and decisive act would surely contribute?
    Machiavellian? Possible?

    1. Bin Laden blew the cover of many quiet operators who were hardly noticed before. Infiltration, mass-migration, da’awa, mosque building and lobbying politicians by utterly corrupting them was well on track before 9/11, but Binnie blew it.

      Suddenly, the jihad got a lot more attention.

      While the stealth jihadists work within the system to subvert it in order “to destroy our miserable house from within and replace all religion with the law of allah” the jihadists aim to subjugate us through terror.

      Both strategies work in tandem; both strategies compliment each other, the outcome is the same.

      In any case, did Obama sacrifice his muslim brother in order to achieve their common goal through his re-election?

      Good question. I wouldn’t put it past him. In fact, it would make a lot of sense and it is in accordance to 9:111 ‘to kill and be killed in the way of allah’….

      Obama is doing his best to keep the show on the road.

  2. Politically Correct Left Wing moonbats insist that every terrorist act is down to “al Qaeda’. Why well because they cannot deny that terrorism is taking place, so blaming everything on ‘al quaeda’ means they don’t have to face REALITY and admit that the REAL cause is ISLAM.

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