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Fearful Australian Muslims

  Today’s “nothing to do with Islam” offerings:

New Australian Laws Target Forced Marriage, Slavery (muslims feel marginalized …)

Islamic groups worry that the legislation could be a subtle way to denigrate and marginalize the Muslim community.  Islamic leaders in Australia stress that this type of coercion is not in accordance with Islam   (Mullah finds more denigrated and marginalized muslim slavers and unilateral marriers at VoA

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Christians Should “Convert, Pay Tribute, or Leave,” Says Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate?  (JW)

How did he get such a crazy idea? He’s currently trying to convince everyone — especially Copts and women — that he’s a “moderate,” to get their votes.

Mohammed Morsi is also a trufer who wants a “scientific conference” to determine the real culprits of 9/11 (couldn’t be done by muslims; they’re too dumb for that. But it was a great victory for Islam, don’tcha know….)

Shock Horror!

Muselmanic Flatliners:

Sectarian war in Syria has nothing to do with religion at all. (The Drum)

  • For generations Sunni & Shiites have lived harmoniously side by side
  • The international (infidel) community must sort it out….

(Tahmina Ansari is a journalist. She is an executive member of Affinity Intercultural Foundation and president of the Macquarie University Affinity Club.)

Taking the Islam out of 9/11:

“The post-9/11 atmosphere has created a lot of fear and hysteria about Muslim institutions.”

USA Today blames infidels for not liking Islam enough; kafirs need to be educated about Islam:

 Othman Atta  “Some opponents said the mosque would teach violence and impose Islamic law…”

who’d ever heard of something like that?


That's a new one: al BeBeeCeera uses "alleged Muslim" to describe Islamic rape of Sikh girl

The clueless journaillie (Nicky Jenkins) tries their usual  best not to reveal the underlying causes;  she babbles about ‘race was no factor’,  then comes the police chief who evades the “M”-word by calling on “all communities” to report rape, grooming or sexual exploitation; and finally we are told that “after all its only a minority of Muslims” – (isn’t it always?) and finally : ‘all sides are coming together and solve….’ (what can’t be solved, because you can’t change  the nature of the beast. The delusional drivel and usual deflection continues.)

Thanks to Vlad for the vid and  comments, here:

BBC cracks, finally uses the word ‘Muslim’ to describe Islamic motivated crime

Of course, it is because Muslims finally raped a non-white woman from a community willing to actually act on it. Much harder to call a large group of Sikh’s marching to the police station in horror because of a rape of one of their owns racist than it is the indigenous British. The usual tactic of the repugnant and selective BBC

Arab Racism: the Legacy of Middle Eastern Slavery

Arab Racism: The story the Left ignores

Here’s a story about racism that was published three days ago, but that was ignored in the major leftist websites.Wonder why?  (From The Economist & the Elder, full post below the fold)
“Muslim/Islamic slavery  continues till today. Hundreds of thousands of men and women from the Philippines, Romania, India, Bulgaria, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh are used as  slaves. The Arabs don’t pay them for their work, they treat them as dogs and feed them as they feed their pigs. Slaves can be raped and killed, if necessary.”
Vlad  also has an interesting  article up re “Muslim slavery in the heart of Europe” 


“Arab Americans” means Muslims.

Special Rights, not equal rights. That’s what its all about.

The Commerce Department is considering naming Arab Americans a socially and economically disadvantaged minority group that is eligible for special business assistance.

 Pensylvania University Professor:  America is a “perverse place, not the Land of the Free” 

Obumblers shady past:

Obumbler knows ‘more about Judaism than any other president”—“Because he read about it”….Read more… Barack Obama learned quite a bit about “Them Jews” from his mentor Jeremiah Wright. For the record… Presidents James Madison and John Quincy Adams both spoke Hebrew.

Enemedia finally reports  Obama’s Kenya Bio

Donald Trump & the Kenyan born Muselputz:

Lo and behold, the media has suddenly become very interested in Breitbarts Exclusive:

 “…he said what he believed to be the truth,” Trump told CNBC this morning. “It all wouldn’t matter, except if you’re born in a foreign country, you’re not allowed to be president…”


Running Interference:

Mass. Gov. Refuses to Let Warren Answer Cherokee Heritage Question After Reporter Presses

Gov: “On behalf of the people of the Commonwealth, we don’t care about that subject”

Boston Globe: She now admits identifying as Native American after hiring  —Read More »

Mark Steyn: Fauxcahontas and the melting pot

Martin Luther King dreamed of a day when men would be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their great-great-great-grandmother’s wedding license application. And now it’s here!

Climate Wankers

  • Liberals live it up while preaching austerity- government envoys and renewable-energy hucksters don’t really credit their own claims. The global-warming myth is simply an excuse to pillage public coffers to enhance their personal lifestyle.
What are they plotting?

The official Bilderberg guest list is kept under wraps, as are the specific topics for discussion. Rumored to be at the top of the agenda this year is the European financial crisis.


In Australia, we are good at deceiving ourselves…..

JooLiar (sounds as if she)  owns the minerals:

“You don’t own the minerals. Governments only sell you the right to mine the resource, a resource we hold in trust for a sovereign people,’’

Professor Sinclair Davidson says Gillard actually mistakes and mistates the law.

Example? Here’s the Western Australian Mining Act:

Subject to this Act and to any conditions to which the mining lease is subject, the lessee of a mining lease … owns all minerals lawfully mined from the land under the mining lease.   The politics of division (Bolt)

The enemy that can’t be named:

So we go after fantasy constructs, like ‘Islamists’, al Qaeda, ‘extremists’ and end up like dogs chasing their own tails. There is one word to describe what we are up against, and its  spelled  I-S-L-A-M. And unless that is understood, we are going backwards. Islam will dominate and drive us into extinction.

Australia has relisted four groups as terrorist organisations, with three considered a potential threat to diggers in Afghanistan.

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, in a report tabled on Monday, said Ansar al-Islam (AaI), the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) should continue to be listed as terrorist organisations.

An exercise in futility.

Never buy a used bike after the Sydney Mardi Gras!

More obfuscation, taqiyya & distortion:

De-terrorising the jihad concept


AS noted by a number of observant intellectuals and analysts, negative words such as “terrorism”, “extremism”, “radicalism” and “fanaticism” have often been used against groups or individuals having or expounding different – especially fundamentally opposing – worldviews and positions.More from a member nation of the Global Movement of Moderates at The Star Online

Muslims in Australia believe they are already living under sharia, but then they want it both ways:
Court to rule on divorced Islamic couple’s $50,000 ‘deferred dowry’ deal

A SYDNEY man whose Islamic marriage included a contract that he pay his wife a $50,000 ”deferred dowry” if he left her is arguing the contract is unenforceable under Australian law.

Mrs Mohamed’s barrister, Peter Lange, said courts in the US and Britain had ruled such Islamic dowry contracts were enforceable and his client should be paid.   Story at

The Warming Fraud

Australian temperature fixer Tim Flannery tells PBS:

China is doing exceptionally well … they are on track to stabilise their emissions.

Let’s just check that:   GIVE THAT THEY MAY LOSE (Tim Blair)

UK: Warsi Neck-deep in Corruption

But first some updates on the Ongoing Muslim Rape of Minors in the UK:

Muslim rapes of children covered up by U.K. politicians

Sikh Girl Dragged Into Wooded Area And Raped By Paki muslim …

“As frequently happens in the United States, Muslim groups are continuously making claims that their rights are being violated. . .”

In spite of British politicians’ and activists’ adherence to a politically-correct orthodoxy, police officers and citizens are well aware of a rampant crime problem in the United Kingdom — children being sexually abused by Muslim males – according to several British news organizations this week.  (Open season on non-Muslim women)Politically-Correct Child Rape (Examiner)

Lefties love to call Warsi a “conservative”-this token  grifter is no such thing.

Warsi Neck-Deep in Corruption

Islam versus Europe by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Its enough. Time to go, “Baroness”.

Puff Ho is loving it

The words Muslim and corruption go readily together and the so-called modern and moderate Muslims are no exception. This is yet another example of the moral standards of the Indian subcontinent being imported into Britain. Note that most of the newspapers reporting this story are missing the most important element. They are reporting only the fact that Warsi failed to declare rental income on a flat she owned. This could be dismissed as a minor oversight. The much more important fact, however, is that Warsi may have been unjustly claiming expenses for a flat she may not even have been staying in or paying for.

The disclosure of Warsi’s shady dealings seems to be a payback initiative from another corrupt Muslim, who seems to have been part of the Conservative Party’s ethnic outreach programme, before being cold-shouldered after his own skulduggery was revealed. That’s one of the good things about Muslims in public life. Scratch the surface just a little and you’re sure to find evidence of corruption. Read more: Warsi Neck-Deep in Corruption


The Black Holes of Leicester

Feeding Hate: Islamic Separatism in Britain

Trevor Phillips, the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality, has warned that Britain is “sleepwalking to segregation.” In a speech in Manchester, he said: “Segregation is now so extreme in some schools that there is not much farther it can go. It does not help to prepare children in these schools for the real world.” Phillips also described cities like Leicester as “literal black holes into which nobody goes without fear and trepidation and from which nobody ever escapes undamaged.”

Farraklown on Fire: "Allah Will ‘Bring Down’ America’s Skyscrapers Unless America Submits!"

“Unless ‘America Submits?”

With the Muselputz Obama in the white house we’re just about there:

Allah Will ‘Bring Down’ America’s Skyscrapers

Horrific New Farrakhan Audio Praising Sharia Law and Threatening ‘Death’ Unless ‘America Submits’

Hmm, funny ideas this guy’s got. Oh well, as long as its got nothing to do with Islam we’ll be fine, now stop the fear mongering, you racist bigot Islamophobes!

Hands & Heads ‘Chopped Off’ Under Sharia

The “Minister”  Louis Farrakhan isn’t one to avoid controversial language. In his Sunday address in San Diego, the Nation of Islam leader slammed Israel, lamented Mexico’s loss of land at the hands of American “trickery” and derided President Barack Obama for his endorsement of same-sex marriage. But that’s only a portion of what was uttered in his nearly three-hour address. During the last 10 minutes, the fiery Farrakhan erupted with fervency, applauding the violence of sharia law and giving some cryptic warnings to America regarding Iranian intervention.

Read it here on the Blaze

Strange enough,  Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate in Egypt, seems to be driven by the same supreme guidance and inspiration:

Christians Should “Convert, Pay Tribute, or Leave,” Says Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Candidate?– by Raymond Ibrahim

Hamas top dog Fathi Hammad: "Palestinians Are Not From Palestine!"

On March 23, 2012, Interior and National Security Minister of Hamas, Mr. Fathi Hammad, declared on the Egyptian Al-Hekma TV station that Palestinians are not natives, but artificial people comprised of Egyptians, Saudis, Yemenis and others who have come to destroy and dominate Israel.

A few months ago, former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich stated that Palestinians are an “invented people”. He was attacked by fellow politicians for speaking the truth, but all these politicians kept quiet when Mr. Hammad, Palestinians’ own leader, stated the same truth months later.

Mr. Hammad describes that Palestine contains the most zealous Islamists and Muslims as it carries the banner of jihad for the destruction of Jews and their allies. This is the very reason why Egyptians and other Muslims, he surmises, should point their compass toward Palestine and Jerusalem: to support their blood brothers and sisters in the fulfillment of Islamic jihad against infidels.

Continue reading Hamas top dog Fathi Hammad: "Palestinians Are Not From Palestine!"