$1.5 million to recognise Islamic culture and heritage

That’s about as intelligent as pissing in the wind.

What Islamic ‘culture?’  What heritage? What “rich and longstanding history that Islam has had in our nation?”

Why import enemies of democracy?

More people have turned up on illegal boats in the last 24 hours, than in the last six years of the Howard Government. (source)

Senator Kate Lundy

Minister for Sport, Minister for Multicultural Affairs,  Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation

Joint media release with the Hon Simon Crean MP – Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government Minister for the Arts and Senator the Hon Kate Lundy – Minister for Sport, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation.

Arts Minister Simon Crean and Multicultural Affairs Minister Senator Kate Lundy today announced $1.5 million in Australian Government funding to support capital works for the creation of the Islamic Museum of Australia in Melbourne.

Speaking at the launch of a new documentary Boundless Plains – the Australian Muslim Connection, Senator Lundy said the Australian Government was proud to support such a significant project that recognised the invaluable contribution of Islamic culture and heritage.

‘The Islamic Museum of Australia will help to foster understanding and promote community harmony and social inclusion,’ Senator Lundy said.

‘It will serve to educate the wider Australian community of the rich and longstanding history that Islam has had in our nation.

‘Here in Melbourne, the Museum will join a rich tapestry of cultural institutions celebrating the contribution of Greek, Italian, Jewish and Chinese communities.’

Mr Crean said the Islamic Museum of Australia would make a significant contribution to the cultural life of our nation.

‘Culture is incredibly important to understanding ourselves better, not just as individuals, but as a nation,’ Mr Crean said.

‘Australia is uniquely placed. We have one of the oldest living cultures on earth and we continue to attract the greatest diversity of cultures on earth.

‘That is why we are proud to be involved in this partnership for community cultural development.’

8 thoughts on “$1.5 million to recognise Islamic culture and heritage”

  1. That must be because they spent so much money on the Buddhist and Himdu museums in Victoria, I suppose…I mean, fair’s fair; we can’t leave Islam out when we celebrate all the other religions, can we? What do you mean, what Buddhist and Hindu museums?

  2. The museum will be another vehicle to spread disinformation about; don’t let facts get in the way of good dawah.

  3. I can’t remember seeing anything muslim in Australia until the 1990s. Before there might have been some old afghan interviewed on tv in the 70s. I hope they highlight that picnic that was shot up in 1915 or whenever at Broken Hill by the muslim cameleers.

  4. well, I say we all should write the venerable arts minister and demand to know when they will be funding a Christian Museum of Australia to celebrate the rich heritage and invaluable contribution that Christianity has had in our nation, in fact that underpins our Judeo Christian system of government….oops, no, that wouldn’t sit well with these raving commies, as thats all Crean ever was when he headed the unions in Australia , now thanks to Juliar PM he has a cosy niche’ appointed to him to further stuff up our Australian society to suit the lefty agenda..Islam and commies in bed together , both fascist ideologies ! BTW, the first reference to Islam and muslims in Australia was whenin the 1800’s two Afghan camel drivers attacked a Broken Hill train, killing several people,,doing what muslim do best, JIHAD

  5. Just bet that little fact won’t see the light of day in the Dhimmi Museum, the very first account of islams contribution to Australia…what a laugh!

  6. thanks sheik, well there you go! nearly the Centenary of Australias first Jihad attack from followers of the religion of peace. I must ask if the Arts Minister will factor that event in , maybe make it the official launch day of the Islamic Museum, surely that would be fitting, eg. The very first documented islamic interaction with our Australian Culture, a very newsworthy event at the time.

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