Another setback for the merry pranksters of Hamas-linked CAIR

CAIR “is an entity masquerading as a ‘civil rights’ organization” — It has numerous ties to extremist Islamic organizations and is financed by Sowdi Barbaria.

Despite the best efforts of Hamas-linked CAIR’s Honest Ibe Hooper and Nihad Awad, it is still legal for Americans to defend themselves against Islamic jihad. At least so far.

NJ officials: NYPD Muslim surveillance legal   (JW)

Muslim Groups Continue Whining About NYPD Surveillance in New Jersey

Nobody does grievance theatre better:

CAIR Continues Challenge to “Unconstitutional NYPD Spying”

“This bill should provide protection for Kansas citizens from the application of foreign laws”

Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR had urged Brownback to veto the measure, arguing that it promotes discrimination. Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, said a court challenge is likely because supporters of the measure frequently expressed concern about Shariah law.

The constitution is not a suicide pact:

its insane not to keep an eye on mosque rats.

US campaign to end Israeli “occupation”

Activism in US is a sign of things to come if Israel does not end its colonial/apartheid policy against Palestinians

Non-Obamunist Jews Treated Like Criminals at  Boca Raton Synagogue


There are some Jews so committed to leftist ideology that they side with Palestinian terrorists against their own people. Similarly, some side with Barack Hussein Obama:

“Activists” are now on US ground seeking support for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands. A campaign, representing the largest and most diverse coalition in the US is “working to change US policy” which unconditionally supports the Israeli colonial rule of the occupied Palestinian land.

Israel is just like the  Ku Klux Klan  and other stupidity from  As’ad Abdul Rahman, 
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