'Backlash' in Bulgaria

Growing resistance in Bulgaria:

Muslims, mostly ethnic Turkish descendants of the Ottoman Empire’s reach into Europe, make up more than 12 percent of Bulgaria’s 7.8 million population, according to official figures.

The vid is from Iran Press TV, the scum of the earth.

Last year, attacks were staged by angry citizens against Muslims who are sprawled out in the streets, praying and blasting eardrum shattering Islamic Calls to Prayer several times a day.

In the past year, no legislative reforms of judicial actions have been taken to secure Muslims rights.

(What for? What muslim rights? When has any Muselamic country taken ‘legislative action’ to secure the rights of their non-muslim minorities?)

On the contrary, some of the victims are being sued for hooliganism. Ataka supporters attacked Muslim worshipers, shouting provocative slogans and throwing stones.

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