Bunch of Muslim Anus Cleaners Detained

Allahu Akbar… Arabic Now Mandatory In NY Public Elementary School

This is outrageous.  A New York public grade school has just made it mandatory to study Arabic beginning this Fall.

According to the New York Post,

An upper Manhattan public elementary school will be the first in the city to require that students study Arabic, officials said yesterday.–Allahu Akbar… indeed. (GWP)

Soros sponsored Think Progress identifies  three notorious Islamophobes:

Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller and David Yerushalmi.

Muslim ass wipes detained for spending too much time in airplane lavatory

Istinja explained below the fold

Muslim Judge Appointed

What could go wrong?

Islamic Supremacist MPAC Pressures Gov Jerry Brown to Appoint “First Muslim Judge” in Calif, Brown Capitulates(Pamela Geller)

“Islamophobe” Removed, Moonbattery Restored

Arab Happy News very happy:

A year ago, Pauly called local Muslims “terrorists” and was quoted saying she knew “quite a few marines who would be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise.”

The Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee voted 47 to 16 in favor of removing Deborah Pauly from her post as First Vice Chair of the OCGOP.

Etiquette of Istinja

1. When going to the toilet, do not touch the private parts with the right hand. (Muslim)
2. Do not cleanse the private parts with the right hand. (Muslim)
3. After relieving oneself, use three stones or three clods of clay. (Muslim)
4. When using the toilet, do not face or sit with the back towards the Qibla. (Bukhari)
5. When intending to urinate, find a suitable place of privacy. (Abu Dawood)
6. Do not urinate in stagnant water (water that does not flow). (Bukhari)
7. Do not urinate in a bathroom, as many a time due to this, evil temptations are aroused.(Tirmidhi)
8. Do not stand and urinate. (Tirmidhi)
9. Do not convers (with another person) whilst relieving oneself. (Musnad Ahmad)
10. Do not relieve oneself at riverbanks, roads and shady places where people walk or rest. (Abu Dawood)
11. Recite BISMILLAH before entering the toilet, as this will serve as a veil between the jinn and the private parts of humans. (Tirmidhi)
12. Do not perform istinja with bones or dung. (Tirmidhi)

2 thoughts on “Bunch of Muslim Anus Cleaners Detained”

  1. If that photo above shows an Islamic cleansing ritual, I’d hate like hell to see the real shiiittee…it’s enough to see it splattered on the wall. I think I see some small letters on the wall, something like mecca mush, then wipe your tush, and don’t leave mush.

    One wonders as well, why these guys would wear all white when bending down to do brown…why make the women suffer in all black burkas in the heat of the sun which draws the heat into their body, while the guys cool off with their white garbs..but those white garbs don’t look so red hot when tinged with brown from toilet twisting.

    Methinks that these guys should be all over the bathroom with Mr Clean, butt, not to bend over for Mr Clean, nor to be the bender or bendee. Whatever, this is incredibly sick and I hope all the health depts across our fair land see this despicable practice as not instija, but more like an instant of ka ka…ha ha ha ha ha LMAO but wiping it too!

    As for number 8 above on not standing while peeing, we in America aim to please, so you please aim that thing of yours in the pot, okay?

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