Do you know anybody like Obama?

Thursday evening‘s episode of the Glenn Beck Program will likely go down in the history books as one of the very few recorded instances of another human being exposing President Obama’s myriad personal and professional inconsistencies in such a detailed and profound way. In fact, viewers might even consider burning themselves a DVD copy to serve as a record of what historians will one day prove.

On Friday, The Blaze will provide more details on the president’s past deeds and associations, along with an additional clip from Beck‘s Thursday’s broadcast. Until then, ask yourself the following question: Do you know anybody like Obama?

In His Own Words…

Obama Admits to Smoking Reefer, Drinking Beer and ‘Enthusiastically’ Doing Drugs in High School (GWP)

The WaPo reported today about an incident in 1965 when Mitt Romney reportedly bullied a fellow student. Their source was not even there to witness the incident… and only heard about it last year when the media started snooping around investigating Romney’s past.

Meanwhile, in “Dreams of My Father” Barack Obama bragged about smoking reefer, drinking beer and enthusiastically doing drugs in high school.
Via Hannity:

More… Obama admitted bullying a fat nerdy black girl.

2 thoughts on “Do you know anybody like Obama?”

  1. Obamapoo sucks !!!
    America MUST be getting punished big time . How else can anyone explain having a TURD like that for a president???

  2. It is incredible that nobody takes up the falsifications of papers and cards and facts and that there fore such criminal acts go unpunished for three years.Where is the outrage…where is the courage to speak up..? Unite and get the him back to Chicago!

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