Dumber Than Dirt

Check this out, from National Catholic Reporter:

Hannity Hearts Racist Bigot

by Michael Sean Winters on May. 02, 2012

I know, you’re probably thinking – dog bites man. But even I was shocked to find Sean Hannity hosting Geert Wilders – and promoting his book – on his Fox News show last night. Wilders is the Dutch nativist who believes Islam is at war with the West – not, some Islamicists, mind you, but Islam per se.

This man is beneath contempt, a bigot pure and simple. Why anyone would want to highlight his work or his person is beyond me. But, then, I am not a Fox News programmer.

This creature must be living under a rock. Is it so hard to take a real good look at what Islam teaches?

Wilders calls on Muslims to leave Islam

… and the Bungla shrieketh:

PVV leader Geert Wilders has called on Muslims throughout the world to leave Islam. He made his call in a speech in New York, to promote his English-language book Marked for Death.     (More on Muslims  leave Islam)

Europe’s financial crisis is helping Dutch politician Geert Wilders drill his anti-euro, anti-Islamic platform deeper into the mainstream
Totally compromised NYC ‘mayor for life’ Michael Bloombugger, a dhimmi Jew who has over a billion dollars invested in the Gulf states and plans another Al Jizz TV channel with Saudi ‘prince’ al Waleed bin Talal, unleashes two scribblers  (Fred Pals and Jurjen van de Pol) to do a hit job on Wilders.  Like most  ink-suckers from the lame stream media, they seem to have a problem with his hair.  Then they fantasize about  how “Wilders Rage” and his “ his anti-euro, anti-Islamic platform  gets deeper into the mainstream.”

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  1. When is the Catholic Church going to wake up and stop denying what is going on to Churches and church going people in France & Italy. Such as the 2010 attack on Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Avignon that was the target of arson, urine, excrement attacks.

    A spade is a spade. Get your head out of the sand and call it what it is.

    No wonder so many people are voting for Marine LePen and Catholics do not trust Sarko.

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