Egypt: Mubro's win by promising hope'nchange and lots of government handouts


Excellent observation from BNI:

The al-Qaeda founders of the Muslim Brotherhood campaigned on practically the same issues as Obama – hope, change, and lots of free government handouts, not to mention throwing Israel under the bus. No wonder the Mubro’s have been honored guests at the White House recently.

As for that sharia law thing…coming soon. Coptic Christians had better head for the hills.

But you won’t hear a beep about it.  Won’t be long before we see snake oil-salesman Imam Rauf melt Soledad O’Briens CNN-heart  again,  about the things we share, universal values and our common humanity…..

Pamela Geller:

Muslim Brotherhood victorious in first round of Egypt presidential election

I told ya so. I told you when the rioting began. The media is calling this a “surprise victory.” Surprised? Only the clueless are surprised. The poisonous fruit of a poisonous president. Obama’s dragon eggs are about to hatch.  Muslim Brotherhood claims victory in first round of Egypt presidential election The Telegraph

Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory in Egypt Presidential Election

by Barry Rubin: Caution, this is based on figures that might not stack up…..

Egypt’s Presidential Election Is a Defeat for the Islamists  by Barry Rubin

Here’s why…

Muselmaniac brags about how he forces foreign females to wear head rags

Al-Mahlawi isn’t the only one having a good chuckle over seeing American female political figures bowing down to the laws of Islam. See photos below.

Raymond Ibrahim: Egypt’s Presidential Elections – What’s at Stake

 ….this is not the same thing as American voters being divided between “liberal” Democrats and “conservative” Republicans; rather, this election is much more existential in nature—possibly cataclysmic for Egyptian society. For, whereas both American Republicans and Democrats operate under the selfsame U.S. Constitution, in Egypt, an Islamist president will usher in Sharia law, which will fundamentally transform the nation…

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Dhimmi Carter: Muslim Brotherhood would not destroy peace treaty with Israel

The Brotherhood is selling a bridge, and America’s foremost dhimmi dim bulb is eagerly buying. “Egypt’s Brotherhood would keep Israel treaty: Carter,” by Tom Pfeiffer for Reuters, May 2

I tried to tell you. “Brotherhood man promises Islamic law in Egypt,” by Tom Perry forReuters, May 25: