Fuggly & stoopid in Portland

Leftist Walkout Protest Against ‘Racist’ Terrorism Expert at Portland State Fails Miserably

“Prove me wrong. Shoot holes in my facts. Show me how I’m a racist.”–Eric Stakelbeck

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The left likes to protest for protests sake. The more dramatic the better.

But don’t let facts or logical arguments get in the way. The left is a parody of itself. so couragous in its cowardice, anything that can be twisted into a “victory” is celebrated. Leftists are the epitome of shallow thought and deed. When it is time to go deeper into an issue after all the bumpersticker slogans, 60′s song lyrics, ad hominem attacks and ‘down twinkles’ all they can do is walk out or sit in dumbfounded silence. All they can do is create a false reality to placate their deranged and easily bruised egos.

And how did Stakelbeck show his lack of fear once he was actually at the podium? Watch the video below to find out – some schadenfreude may result:

Stakelbeck spoke at Portland State University this Monday on the topic of developments in the Middle East and the growing threat against Israel. The speech was organized by Portland State’s chapter of Christians United for Israel. Naturally enough, controversy dogged the event far before Stakelbeck even set foot on-campus. For instance, fliers advertising the event were defaced with Swastikas and the inscription “Never again includes Palestinians.”

Stakelbeck himself took note of the defacements, and decried them as anti-Semitic propaganda. However, he was at least forewarned of what the reaction would be like, which means he knew precisely what to anticipate when he arrived at Portland State. As he puts it:

It was mostly a motley bunch of hijab and skullcap-clad Muslims, aging ex-hippies and tie-dyed stragglers who looked as if they just rolled in from the local Occupy protest. There were, it must be said, a handful of reasonably normal-looking people with them as well. Normal, except for their brainwashed, aggressive Leftist views.[…]


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