Germany: al Qaeda flags and death threats in Bonn, gubmint job offers in Berlin….

“Do not deride the profit Muhammad”or else…..

“Stay in your homes, you Nazis! We swear we will defend our profit (means we will attack any infidel)  we will sacrifice our mothers, our fathers and our children…  if you don’t bow to allah…..

Al-Qaeda Flags in  in Bonn, Germany

Salafist victim-hood on display (BCI)

“The riots mostly involved Salafists, who preach a particularly rigid form of Islam and see themselves as the only true Muslims. Wolfgang Bosbach, a domestic security expert with the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), says: “Salafists want to replace the democratic constitutional order with a theocracy. That’s why Salafism and democracy are simply incompatible.”

I’m sure the multiculturalists here as in Germany are reassuring themselves that like the Nazis before them the Muslims can be managed.

Must see Vlad Tepes vid:

Tomorrow belongs to……..?

Berlin braucht dich!

Berlin needs Mohammedan headbangers like you need a wart on your nose.

“Muslims find careers in the public sector.”-– Sure thing. Who else would hire them?

Young Muslims in Germany: “Berlin braucht dich!”—More at thanks to mullah