Germany Bans Muhammad Cartoons: a "New Situation"

“This was an explosion of violence as we haven’t witnessed in a long time,” Bonn police chief Ursula Brohl-Sowa said at a news conference Sunday. About 200 Salafists threw objects toward police after the far-right protesters showed the cartoon depicting Mohammed, she said, according to German news agency dapd. BCF: 100 moderate Muselmaniacs arrested, Police shot at (by Muslims). The authorities resort to totalitarian rule and abject cowardice, a toxic cocktail. Never mind that the freedom of expression is guaranteed under the German constitution. Sharia supersedes ‘man-made’ law. It was a nice illusion while it lasted.

“The interior ministry of North Rhine Westphalia have instructed the police authorities that the showing of Mohammed cartoons on all subsequent appearances of the rightest group, Pro NRW, is to be forbidden. The prohibition is valid even for the planned appearance of Pro NRW to take place in front of the mosque in Bielefeld tomorrow, reports the Neue Westfählische in Bielefeld. The Upper Administrative Court in Münster actually overturned a similar prohibition last week. But now, by virtue of the escalation of violence during the Pro-NRW appearance in Bonn, there is a “new situation”, said a Ministry spokesman. One may therefore be confident that the prohibition order can be enforced.”

Police Shot at  During Moslem Riot (Vlad Tepes)

6 thoughts on “Germany Bans Muhammad Cartoons: a "New Situation"”

  1. I think that the German police will react – and they will do so quietly and in the shadows – expect to slowly hear stories from the invader communitiy (islamic slime) about disappearing family members. The muslims have shown that they threaten the public safety, and the best way to resolve the issue is to make them (islamists) quietly dissappear. The media will be invited to keep its mouth shut.

  2. With these comments you showed a serious lack of information about the great “ISLAM”, alot (not only you) need to educate them selves. YES the religion of PEACE calls for PEACE, this turkish man who attacked policemen represents himself only, otherwise we should consider all christians like Norway killer “Anders Behring” who killed 93 people and wounded nearly 100.

    Salam “Peace”

    1. Dear Muslima:

      80 % of muslims worldwide are ignorant, illiterate, stoopid and poor because of Islam. Its a basic ingredient of your so-called religion, muslima. Now you and your lot settled in the UK and you learned to read and write, but not much more, because what you are serving up is the same indigestible tosh that a million muslimas posted before you.

      Obviously one single muslim never riots alone, and the mob in Germany is a growing group of lunatics that needs to be eradicated.

      Muslim Fundamentalists Riot in Germany – 29 Police Injured…

      Want peace? Take a look:

      French Cleric Calls for Immoral Women to be ‘Whipped to Death’

      Muslim cleric misunderstands Islam, calls for women to be “whipped to death” for adultery

      There is always more, but why waste time with a muselmanic twit who is, according to the Koran, ‘deficient in reason’ and who’s only worth half a man?

  3. Very politely Muslima – get LOST!! Every day accurate reports of the violent outrages that are commited by MUSLIMS

  4. muslima lives in fantasy land, needs to view “peaceful” islam on where Islam and its actions are exposed in all its gory intolerance and non peacefullness.. what this incredibly evil dogma is doing to innocents worldwide

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