Its all about the children…!

Obummer’s Evolution:

The impostor evolves:  in a historic flip-flop the Muslim POTUS gave an affirmation to gay homosexual couples as parents. The president repeatedly attributed his “evolution” to his contact not only with gay couples but also with their children.

Hussein Obama is being heralded as the “first gay president” in a Newsweekcover out for May 2012

Unacceptable view:

“It’s well proven that children who grow up with a mother and a father in a biological mother-and-father family do better than children who don’t have the opportunity to grow up in that kind of family”-

Politically correct narrative:

AMA president Steve Hambleton has rejected the claims, saying there is no evidence that children with same-sex parents are any different to those with heterosexual parents.    Result: Doctor Quits

Iran not concerned about ‘the children’

Four Iranian gay men are due to be executed for sodomy under their nation’s Shari’a laws, Pink News is reporting.

Moonbattery delivers…..

Fired Up – Ready to Go: Amnesty Activists Are Reportedly Energized Following Obama’s Gay Marriage Flip— (GWP)

Iran: Four men sentenced to death by hanging for sodomy, in accord with Sharia lawTheir counterparts in the west are single-mindedly obsessed with ‘gay marriage’ and promoting homosexuality in our schools…..