"Kill Pro-NRW members, ideally in darkness or early in the morning!"

Paki  jihadist calls for the murder of all anti-Islamization Pro-NRW party members and journalists in Germany

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Yassin Chouka, alias Abu Ibrahim, is believed to be a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. In a video, he urges fellow Muslims not to attend any more PRO-NRW demonstrations in Germany, but, rather to find out where Pro-RNW members live and work and their typical travel routes. Then kill them, ideally in darkness or early in the morning…..

Islam vs Europe

The German anti-Islam pro-NRW movement recently made headlines with its anti-Islam media competition and demonstrations featuring both the fruits of the competition as well as the classic Danish Mohammed cartoons. Now a jihadist who grew up in the German city of Bonn but now lives in Pakistan has published a video calling for all PRO NRW member to be murdered, as well as the journalists who reported on their demonstrations.

Robert Spencer is also being threatened by  Nathan Lean, Reza Aslan’s creepy, threatening protege

Nathan Lean, Editor-In-Chief of Aslan Media, Islamic supremacistBoy Reza Aslan’s house organ, reacted to my posting about his wali Aslan earlier today by emailing me a raft of specific information that he thinks is about my family, including what he thinks is my home address. He has done this before also, on Twitter. This is a veiled but unmistakeable threat.

Lean knows that — because of thugs like him — I only appear in public with guards and do not make my location generally known. By emailing me this information, he thinks he can frighten me into silence and convey the clear implication that he will send this information, which he thinks reveals my whereabouts, to people who wish to do me (and my family members) physical harm.

A Left that is bereft of both conscience and the ability to use reason to defend its views turns increasingly to thuggery and violence in order to silence its opponents — see, for example, here and here. So we see in the case of Nathan Chapman Lean.

Lean is a dimestore thug from way back. Consider this item from the Goldsboro News-Argus, February 24, 2005:

Two young men who spoke obscenities after what they thought was an unfavorable decision at a Goldsboro City Council meeting were disciplined Wednesday in Wayne County District Court. Aaron Kornegay, 27, of Beston Road, LaGrange and Nathan Chapman Lean, 20…

Now Lean has graduated from shouting obscenities at City Council meetings to threatening counter-jihadists.

I have passed Lean’s emails and tweets on to the FBI, and an agent has told me that they’re examining what Lean sent me. But what is interesting is that a lauded and supposedly respectable mainstream outfit such as Aslan Media would employ a gutter fascist brownshirt like Lean. It is an indication of just how far and how fast the American public square has degenerated, and yet another indication of how hopelessly outgunned Aslan and his sycophants like Lean are in intellectual exchanges with me — thuggery is the only option they have left.

“Far right” in this story and other mainstream media stories means opposition to Islamization and Sharia. “Islamist calls for murder of German far-right party: media,” from Expatica, May 20 (thanks to JW):

A German Islamist is calling for the murder of members of a far-right party that regularly provokes ultra-conservative Muslims using cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, a newspaper reported.According to an article due to appear Monday in the Tageszeitung daily, an Islamist from Bonn in western Germany has appeared in a video on an Islamic forum in which he encouraged “the killing of all activists from the Pro NRW party”.

Members of the small extreme-right political party held a campaign event using anti-Islamic caricatures ahead of an election in Germany’s most populous state North Rhine-Westphalia on May 13.

In his appeal, the Islamist urged the collection of personal information on Pro NRW members, including their home addresses and work schedules, with the goal of attacking them.

“We take this message seriously,” an Interior Minister spokesman told the newspaper, which said the man had broadcast messages for the “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan”.

Several police were injured during recent clashes between Islamists and Pro NRW members.

The right-wing activists have for several years campaigned against the construction of mosques and have in some protests marched with cartoons of Mohammed that were initially published by a Danish newspaper in 2005, leading to a wave of violence and anger across the Muslim world….

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  1. Re: Nathan Lean … There is nothing more disgusting than a convert to Islam. Any Western person who converts to Islam is automatically put on my mental illness list. He does appear to be of that narcissistic, passive aggressive, arrogant, disaffected, attention-whore age, however.

  2. “Great” arab inventions. Obama’s Cairo speech

    Muhammad, founder of Islam and author of Koran, was mentally sick psychopath and pedophile, he had married a 6-year old girl and raped her when she was 9. Muhammad could not read and write. While in seizure, he uttered disjointed phrases, which his followers represented as Allah divine afflatus. This is the history of Islam that muslims and “honest and free” western media would not like you to know. These facts show that islam is not a religion, but a cult.
    Read: “History of Middle Ages” Professor Nikolay A. Osokin, Textbook (in Russian), Publishing house: Imperial University Printing Office, Kazan, 1888, 771 pp.; Publisher: ACT, Harvest, Moscow, 2008, 672 pp. (reprint)
    In his Cairo speech, Obama accredited to arabs all fundamental inventions human race made over centuries. None of the Obama mentioned is true, as every person graduated from credible high school knows. However, it does not mean that arabs, great nation with centuries of history, has no inventions critical for human life. They have and here they are:
    1. Ethnic Cleansing – invented centuries ago, implemented over 2000 years ago in Israel when they occupied Israel and disseminated Jews around the world; from 1948 through 1953 arab countries expelled a million Jews and stole their properties; in 1974, Turkish armed forces invaded Cyprus, captured 36 percent of its territory, partitioned the island, implemented a policy of “ethnic cleansing” and sent close to 200,000 Greek Cypriots southward as refugees who lost their property, desecrated churches and cemeteries, and in 1983 declared the northern Turkish Republic of Cyprus; in 1999, Kosovo Liberation Army stormed homes of the last 15 Jews in Kosovo’s capital, who had to clear out, with just the clothes on their backs; recently, Jews in Yemen were under attack and have been relocated to Britain.
    2. Genocide – invented by Turks and implemented in 1915–1917 in Armenia: over 1.5 mln. Armenians, including children, died.
    3. Holocaust – invented by Haj Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, in 1920s in Palestine (occupied territory of the State of Israel); implemented in Palestine in 1920s-30s; in 1941, Haj Amin al Husseini brought the Holocaust idea to Hitler and helped him to implement Holocaust in Europe 1941-45; he organized in Europe two islamofascist brigades that operated under SS control, had their own concentration camp, and killed tens of thousand of Europeans, including Jews.
    Islam is based on three fundamental principles:
    1. Stealing
    2. Killing, and
    3. Lying
    Koran says:
    “Slay them wherever you find them. Fight against them till idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme” (Sura 2:190),
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    “Make war on them till idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme” (Sura 8:36),
    “When the sacred months are over slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. Arrest them, beseige them and lie in ambush everywhere for them” (Sura 9:5),
    “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you” (Sura 9:121),
    “When you meet the unbelievers on the battlefield strike off their heads” (Sura 47:3),
    “Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate” (Sura 66:7).
    Koran is Islamic Mein Kamf. Islam is fascist cult and must be eliminated from the earth.

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