Mladic Trial Suspended Indefinitely Over Evidence

A familiar pattern of deceit that keeps repeating itself:

The war crimes trial for former Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic was postponed due to the prosecution’s failure to handover some of its evidence to the defense, it was reported.

Approximately 7,000 pages of evidence were not presented to the defense. The defense said it now needs another six months to process the material.

For the First Time upon the Capture of a Wanted Serb, a News Broadcast Questions the Evidence–A crack in the wall of disinformation and lies in the ongoing blood libel against the Christian Serbs. The lie must be protected at any and all costs.

The Srebrenica “Genocide” Scam

The public has been wrongly led to believe that Bosnian-Serbs massacred 8,000 Bosnian-Muslim civilians in a vicious campaign of genocide in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica in July of 1995, but documents found in the archives of the UN war crimes Tribunal in The Hague cast serious doubt on these allegations.

Video of UN Unleashing Mujahedeen on Serbian Infidels

Srebrenica Unveiled

Srebrenica was an Inside Job The Balkan Report via Atlas

How Alija Izetbegovic’s regime held the civilian population of Srebrenica hostage, goaded the [Bosnian]-Serbs into attacking the enclave, and then abandoned the civilian population to the mercy of the attacking enemy.


 Bosnian-Muslim Warlord and Torturer Threatens to Spill the Beans about Srebrenica “Genocide”

Oric is threatening to reveal the truth about Srebrenica (Translation from Vesti Online, Apr. 3) Republican Riot (Pamela Geller)

The Party for Democratic Action (SDA) in Bosnia Hercegovina fears that the wartime commander of the Muslim forces in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, will fulfill his threats and tell thetruth about the sacrifices in Srebrenica, if he appears at the trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague.

But it all boils down to this:

“Bosnia moving toward Sharia law”

The Serbs have been ethnically cleansed. The Christian Serbs who have suffered immeasurably through more than a thousand years of Mohammedan oppression are now forced by a a complicit bunch of cowards and suckers to hand over their ancestral homelands.   —The New Kosovo, Islamic State in the Heart of Europe

Selective justice means Islamic justice:

Kentucky: Bosnian Muslima Faces Extradition for War Crimes Against Serb Christians, Made Serbs Drink Blood of Serbs she Murdered, Carved Crosses and “SS” onto Foreheads

More debunking of the Bosnian lie that our soldiers went to war for. Died for. Unfathomable.

Here is yet another “poor innocent victimized Bosnian Muslim,” Azra Basic, who murdered Christian Serbs, collected their blood and made other Christians drink the blood. She worked in three different death camps, where she “murdered and tortured Christians” because of their religion. According to eyewitness testimony, she forced Christians to drink gasoline, then set their hands and faces on fire.

She carved crosses and “SS” onto the foreheads and backs of Christian Serbs.

She is fighting extradition. What say you? Will the US allow her to stay to cover up one of Clinton’s most egregious mistakes?

Bosnian Muslim woman made Serbs drink blood of Serbs she killedJuly 11, 2011, Serbianna

Organ transplantation performed in “Mother Teresa” hospital (Dec. 26)

The investigation by Serbian war crimes prosecution has shown that surgical procedures performed on civilians who were victims of organ trafficking have apparently taken place in health-care centers and hospitals that were used to treat wounded members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the war in Kosovo, the Saturday edition of the Belgrade-based daily Politika reports.

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  1. I”m still pissed about how I and many others got taken in by the Clinton administration and the lamestream media about this conflict. Every time someone mentions it my blood boils. It appears there was a deal afoot to support islam and it’s goals long before 9/11. I don’t get it. Is this support in exchange for oil or is there a bigger conspiracy brewing? Why would anyone in their right mind support the savages who want to colonize the world?

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