Muselmaniacs around the world fake hate-crime attacks against themselves


They even use the same colour for the paint:


The French Council of the Muslim Faith, or CFCM, said racist insults and Nazi slogans were scrawled on a mosque in the southeastern town of Tarascon and another in the eastern city ofStrasbourg on Tuesday and Wednesday. It said the mosque in the southern town of Draguignan was vandalized May 17. French Muslim group denounces mosque vandalism and Swastikas and racist graffiti on Strasbourg mosque and here: Nazi graffiti on mosque in south-west France

In Wichita, USA:

Post Bulletin

The Minnesota branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called Wednesday for an FBI investigation into an apparent “bias crime” at the Rochester home of a Somali family.

A swastika, the letters KKK and the word “stink” were painted early Sunday morning on the driveway of Osman Sheik’s home on Somersby Court Northwest.  OH NOES! Call in the Police, the FBI, Homeland Security, scramble the F-15′s…….(BNI)

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  1. Arson is the favorite tactic of choice from Sweden to the US, that Muslim immigrants like to use to perpetuate Insurance fraud.

    The Minnesota incident, is definitely an inside job. An American would have written, “go home”. The use of the word ‘stink’ is reflective of the typical infantile traits exhibited by Muslims.

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