Oregon Discovers Islamic Misconceptions With Context & Comedy

As long as people adjust and adapt (to Islam) everything will be cool:

The University’s Muslim Student Association put on its first big event of the year Friday night at Willamette Hall called “Discover Islam.”

Thanks to Mullah

The website of “Dr” Hatem al-Haj clears up misconceptions. This is the   “leading U.S. Muslim jurist” who brought us  “Female genital mutilation an “honor” in Islam”   …

The event also featured two highly-regarded guest speakers in the Islamic community. Dr. Hatem al-Haj, who has a master’s degree in Islamic law, spoke about different misconceptions people have about Muslims. He said these misconceptions are a result of misinformation that comes from a lack of context.

“I think human beings are very capable of adaptation and adjustment,” al-Haj said about the changes collegiate Muslims have faced since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. “People started to adjust and adapt, and it’s gone back to not exactly the way it was, but things have calmed down.”

Scaramouche: there’s da’awa going on!

Da’wa Be Nimble, Da’wa Be Quick

Abdullah Hakim Quick, that is, who tomorrow is offering a “FREE ISLAMiniar” on da’wa courtesy the good folks over at the Understanding Islam Academy.

Never heard of Sheik Quick? BCF had some mighty interesting things to say about him–including his “love” for homosexuals and Jews–here.

If you’re too busy to sign up for the ISLAMinar, perhaps you could catch another free USA course taught–in the flesh–by a cleric with a bright dyed-red beard. The course aims to explicate “the underlying universal principles governing Islamic Law and its application yesterday and today”–so you know it’s bound to be both timely and informative.

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