Progress in Kuwait

Dining with Muslims

The Daily Mail, with its usual blundering cluelessness, frames this as a racial issue, but it wasn’t. There is no prohibition on Arab men dining with Western women. The problem is non-Muslim women associating with Muslim men when she is not married to any of them. “British diplomat’s wife ‘suffers third degree burns after extremist hurled boiling water over her for dining with Arab men,'” by Anthony Bond for the Daily Mail, May 2

“Moderate” Kuwait MPs passes death penalty bill for offending allah, the quran, all prophets and the wives of Mohammed   Pamela Geller

Death for free speech. This is the blasphemy laws under the sharia. In Muslim countries, they assassinate you for offending Islam; in America (and the West) they assassinate your character and destroy your reputation for offending Islam.

This is what progress looks like under a post-American president. Oh yes, the tsunami of sharia and Islamic revolutions have been made possible by a weak fop of a president with a jones for jihad.